March 2007 Newsletter
Presentations on the Sustainable Sites Initiative Delivered by Founding Individuals (2005 – 2007)
The SDD PPN leadership and other Founding Individuals have been raising awareness of the Sustainable Sites Initiative by presenting on the initiative and its progress at local and national gatherings across the country. Audiences addressed in the past two years are listed below, followed by the presenter’s name and the location of the event:

  • Office presentation (Mithun) – Deb Guenther, ASLA, Seattle, WA
  • Washington ASLA Chapter – Deb Guenther, ASLA, Seattle, WA
  • ASLA Annual Meeting – SDD PPN Officers, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • USGBC’s Greenbuild – SDD PPN Officers, Atlanta, GA

  • Washington ASLA Chapter – Deb Guenther, ASLA, Seattle, WA
  • Louisiana ASLA Chapter Annual Meeting – April Philips, ASLA, New Orleans, LA
  •  “Washington Women Real Estate Lawyers” – Deb Guenther, ASLA, Seattle, WA
  • ASLA Board of Trustees Spring Meeting – Deb Guenther, ASLA and Jana McKenzie, ASLA, Washington, DC
  • ULI’s Building Green – April Philips, ASLA, Seattle, WA
  • San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Foundation (SPUR) – April Philips, ASLA, San Building Owners and Managers Association/ San Francisco (BOMA SF) – April Philips, ASLA – San Francisco, CA
  • Interrobang (professional lecture series) – April Philips, ASLA, La Jolla, CA
  • Michigan ASLA Chapter Conference – Meg Calkins, ASLA, East Lansing, MI
  • APA Upper Midwest Four State Conference – Keven Graham, ASLA, St. Charles, IL
  • ASLA Annual Meeting – SDD PPN Officers, Minneapolis, MN
  • USGBC’s Greenbuild – SDD PPN Officers, Denver, CO
  • Ecobuild Federal – José Almiñana, ASLA, Washington DC

  • Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council - Patrick Curran, ASLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • ProGreen Conference – Jana McKenzie, ASLA, Denver, CO
  • Chatham University – April Philips, ASLA, Pittsburgh, PA
  • American Society of Civil Engineers’ Environment and Water Resources Institute’s World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, Keven Graham, ASLA, Tampa, FL
  • Texas ASLA Chapter, April Philips, ASLA, Houston, TX (pending)
  • SER/ESA annual joint conference, Allegra Bukojemsky, ASLA, and Steve Windhager, Ph.D., San Jose, CA (pending)  
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Lisa Cowan, ASLA, Co-Chair
(207) 829-3600

 Constance (CeCe) Haydock, ASLA, Co-Chair
(516) 759-7039

Keven Graham, ASLA, Officer
(630) 668-3788

April Philips, ASLA, Officer
(415) 331-2784

Hunter Beckham, ASLA, Officer
(314) 644-5700  

Nette Compton, ASLA, Officer
(212) 574-6850

Lisa Kunst Vavro, ASLA, Officer
(412) 263-1753