March 2007 Newsletter
Sustainable Sites Initiative Organizational Structure and Participant Roles
by Sustainable Sites Initiative Staff
The Sustainable Sites Initiative continues to grow through the efforts of multiple constituent groups. The SDD PPN Officers Group was the engine within ASLA that got the project off the ground. ASLA is now one of two parent organizations supporting the effort as programmatic priorities. ASLA and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center both have dedicated staff to coordinate progress through a number of new committees.

The Product Development Committee comprises stakeholders, while multiple technical subcommittees each focus on specific topic areas like soils and hydrology. Subcommittees will periodically release reports for review and feedback to be incorporated into subsequent work. ASLA and the Wildflower Center will encourage wide dissemination and review of the subcommittees’ work and all other Sustainable Sites Initiative products.

Figure 2 illustrates the growth of the Sustainable Sites initiative. Constituent groups are described in greater detail in charts on page 8.  

 Sustainable Design and DevelopmentMarch 2007 NewsletterSustainable Sites Initiative Organizational Structure and Participant Roles
Figure 2. Illustration of the growth of the Sustainable Sites Initiative, past and future.






Role in the Initiative: 




Relationship to you


Founding Individuals:
The SDD Officers Group and Friends  

The SDD Officers Group created the project concept, established project mission and vision, outlined the general characteristics of sustainable projects, and identified readily available information resources. Instrumental friends from outside the Officers Group helped to build relationships between ASLA, the Wildflower Center, and the US Green Building Council.  

The SDD Officers Group continues to inform the Sustainable Sites Initiative through its representation on the Product Development Committee (PDC, described below). The SDD Officers Group will provide updates on the Sustainable Sites Initiative to SDD PPN members and will coordinate opportunities for ASLA members to provide information and feedback.






Role in the Initiative 




 Relationship to you

Parent Organizations:  
ASLA and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center   

 The Parent Organizations adopted the project vision and mission, structured the longterm  project plan and budget, organized the committee structure, and recruited  committee members. The Parent Organizations continue to steer, support, advocate  for, and administer the Sustainable Sites Initiative.    

ASLA will rely on member input to steer the project.



 Role in the Initiative:         


Relationship to you:                

Product Development Committee (PDC):
Primary stakeholders, diverse professionally and geographically    

The 11-person Product Development Committee implements the research program to  make sure that it incorporates the knowledge of all necessary professional disciplines  and is responsive to the needs of targeted future user groups.    

The Incoming SDD PPN Chair, Deb Guenther, ASLA, represents the SDD and ASLA  on the PDC.




Role in the Initiative:                



Relationship to you:  




Research Subcommittees: 
Technical experts   

These small teams will compile and assess research in specific subject areas, identify  best practices and resources, and assure scientific rigor and multidisciplinary analysis.  Members of Sustainable Sites Initiative

Research Subcommittees are leaders in their  respective fields, and include educators, practitioners, and policy makers.    Research Subcommittees will each release two progress reports each year. ASLA  members will be asked to review and comment on the reports.


Role in the Initiative:          

Relationship to you: 

Review Committees  
Channels for broad feedback and direction    

Interested organizations will prepare feedback reports based on the feedback received  from its review committee members on the content or progress reports.    

This is you! You will submit your feedback through the SDD PPN. SDD Officers and  ASLA staff will coordinate reporting to the Founding Organizations and the PDC.


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