Women in Landscape Architecture-Newsletter-September 2007
by Margaret Mori
Over the years, many of our members have suggested that a full  day of mentoring/networking would be a natural it for our group.  This past year has been focused on just that: preparation for a  Women Leaders Mentoring and Training Workshop. The Women in  Landscape Architecture PPN will present this workshop on October  5th during our Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Over the course of our careers, each of us encounters people,  organizations, and events that help shape our professional  progress. All of our facilitators have been asked to share in our  workshop because they have the ability to mentor and are good  examples of women who help others. These notable women of  our profession will facilitate a day of interactive discussion and  role modeling. They will share their experiences and skills to help  participants with values clarification, identification of authentic leader  styles, and strategies for personal and professional success as a  leader and mentor.

The workshop will include informal networking opportunities, round  robin break-out sessions, a Chinese banquet, and a concluding tea  break. The breakout sessions will introduce structured workshop  topics through role-playing, journal writing, and other interactive  activities. We hope that one outcome of the workshop will be  formation of an alumni group, offering opportunities for both  leadership development and friendship.   

Each of our chosen workshop leaders has a background in informal/formal facilitation. All have a history of  participation in ASLA and other allied professional and academic organizations. Most importantly, all are  interested and committed to fostering the next generation of women leaders. These women have varied  professional practices, from academia to design-build firms, and varied personal backgrounds, often  involving career re-entry, balancing work and family obligations, and re-focusing of professional directions. All  are entertaining and adventurous spirits. Each facilitator has been asked to provide participants with a short  resume, a personal definition of leadership, and a few “words of wisdom”.

We hope that you will join us in San Francisco for the Annual Meeting. Our PPN will have a business meeting  on Saturday, October 6, from 10-11:30 a.m. in the Moscone Center. During the meeting, we will elect new  officers and set their agenda for next year.      

Margaret Mori, FASLA
(415) 665-6197
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