April 2008 Newsletter
What is the E-communities Network?

Last year ASLA launched the e-communities network as a members-only interactive web based community. The SDD was one of the first to launch its site. With our membership having grown to over 1,000 at that point, the SDD email list was not an agreeable communication avenue for all members. Thank you to those who stood by despite full mailboxes of “please remove me” emails.

If you haven’t signed into the e-communities yet, you are missing a great opportunity to be involved in the SDD PPN. The e-communities network has an events calendar, and an area for officers to post documents and other pertinent material we wish to share with you. There is also a discussion forum section that allows members to post and reply to topics related to sustainable design.

The SDD PPN e-community is growing steadily, with 75 current subscribers and 50 user posts. The discussion forum has covered a variety of discussions including: local sustainable landscape guides, use of native plants, irrigation, mulch specifications, permaculture, infiltration, bioswales and rain gardens, alternative pavement options, and de-icing salts.

If you haven’t already signed in, we invite you to join us and your fellow SDD PPN members. It is easy to do. For instructions on signing in please read the file at http://www.asla.org/members/ppn/e-C_nav.pdf.

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 Constance (CeCe) Haydock, ASLA, Co-Chair
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Keven Graham, ASLA, Officer
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April Philips, ASLA, Officer
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Nette Compton, ASLA, Officer
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Lisa Kunst Vavro, ASLA, Officer
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