Women in Landscape Architecture-Newsletter-September 2007
New Interactive Online Networks for ASLA's Member Groups
One of the core benefits of PPN membership is participation in the group email system (the  “listserv.”)  ASLA has developed a new electronic networking system to take over and enhance the  listserv’s function as an electronic networking tool.

These new online networks will function as permanent community “bulletin boards.”  Discussion  threads will grow as members visit and contribute to the website, and the discussion threads will  be archived on the page.  The new “bulletin boards” will also be sources of additional information  posted by the PPN leaders and ASLA staff, complementing individual PPN websites.

ASLA has been phasing in these Online Networks for PPN use. The information below will help  you to navigate to and browse the site:

Instructions for Participating in your PPN's Interactive Online Network: 
(Note: The graphics included in these instructions use the Sustainable Design and Development PPN as an example. Just substitute “Women in Landscape Architecture” for the PPN name.)

1. Go to the ASLA login page

Go to the ASLA home page www.asla.org, and then click the “login link.”  Note: If you are not
sure of your login and password, please contact database@asla.org to request this information.

Once logged in you should see a page like this:

Women in Landscape Architecture-Newsletter-September 2007 Newsletter - Image1


2. Look under “Available Networks,” and select the name of your PPN.

You can browse any of your available networks by clicking on the title. You should see “Women  in Landscape Architecture” under your available networks, along with The ASLA Members and  Open Access Networks.

3. Browse or Contribute 

So that you don’t have to browse through all the files, any new news items, documents or  discussions since your last login will have a highlighted “NEW!” lag.  (Note: the “NEW!” lags  will remain until you click “mark all read” to clear them.)

The sections “News,” “Resources,” “Documents,” “Surveys and Ballots,” and “Calendar”  provide information that you are free to browse.  More information will be added over time.   The section “Discussion Groups” is where you can both browse and contribute by adding to a  threaded discussion of specific topics.

Women in Landscape Architecture-Newsletter-September 2007 Newsletter - Image2

The “Discussion Forum” is now where you will go, rather than the PPN email listserv, to pose a  question to your fellow PPN members.

4. Subscribe 

If you choose to subscribe to a network, then the network’s calendar will show up on your  welcome page (the networks home page) once you log in.  Your welcome page will also indicate  new activity in your network.

Go back to the “My Networks” home page by clicking the link in the left menu bar.  Click on  the Subscribe/Unsubscribe link on the bottom right of the Active Networks window. Click on the  subscribe button for networks you would like to be actively subscribed to.

If you click again on “My Networks Home Page” in the left menu bar, your networks home  page should now look similar to this:

 Women in Landscape Architecture-Newsletter-September 2007 Newsletter - Image3


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