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by Joseph Pillari, Robert Howe
If we may, just an introduction to those who have not attended the 2004 or 2005 ASLA annual meetings at which breakout sessions are held for each of the seventeen Professional Practice Networks. I am Joseph Pillari and along with Robert Howe, Jr., co-chair the Design–Build PPN. I have been practicing in design–build virtually my entire professional career, beginning in 1988 upon graduation from Cook College, Rutgers University, with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Planning and Design. I am a partner at Pillari, LLC, a design–build firm that performs approximately 20% residential design–build, with 80% of our work a combination of commercial design–build and negotiated bid work.

Robert Howe, Jr., who is our Senior Landscape Architect, has been working in the design–build sector since his graduation from Cook College in 1981. Bob’s work has received a number of landscape design awards. Bob has worked with a few of the prominent landscape design build firms in the NJ/NYC tri-state area prior to coming onboard at our firm.

ASLA created the Professional Practice Networks to multiply information sharing and to support the visibility and growth of specialized practice areas. Since the 2004 annual meeting in Salt Lake City, we, the co-chairs, have made it a goal to make the Design–Build PPN a viable outlet for ASLA practicing members to share common queries, projects, concerns, stories, victories, defeats, etc. We want the PPN to be a place members come to get information they need, as well as to pass on information to the rest of the network. With the support of the ASLA staff, we are pleased to see this happening.

Hopefully, with this first newsletter, we will create the spark that will ignite an open dialogue on professional practice questions related to landscape design and construction business practices that we as both designers and construction managers must deal with on daily basis. Whether it be marketing, construction equipment financing, or size of design staff, we share common questions, and can often benefit from a bit of mentoring from our peers.

As a group, we work to increase the visibility of our shared practice area within the landscape architecture profession. As individual practitioners, we share excellent opportunities for increasing our knowledge base and for benefiting from targeted networking tools.

We encourage active correspondence from members sharing ideas for future articles, completed or active projects, or announcements.

Please send correspondences to: Joseph Pillari, or Bob Howe,
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