Historic Preservation Newsletter, Fall 2008
Letters from Co-Chairs
by Chris Pattillo, ASLA and Margaret Mori, FASLA,

Letter from Co-Chair Pattillo,

I've enjoyed serving as chair of our PPN this past year, so only hesitated briefly when asked to reenlist for another term.  I hope you've enjoyed receiving my PPN Bulletins because there are more coming.  If you have not been receiving these bi-monthy digital reports via the listserve please call or send me an email and let me know. My email address is: pattillo@PGAdesign.com.  The system is not perfect, I know, because I am unable to receive email sent via the listserve.  This is assuming you'd like to be connected to the group and know what's going on.

Our e-community is a good venue for sharing information about the work we are all doing.  This is one of the things that many of you commented on at last year's PPN meeting in San Francisco.  I encourage everyone to use the e-community to post and respond to issues and relevant information

This past year I've spent most of my time lobbying for HALS funding, responding to a few PPN member emails, encouraging our members to participate in the annual conference, and tending to various other duties as chair.  For the coming year I'd like to focus on some of the other things that our members have expressed interest in. 

I'd like to advocate for creating a category for cultural landscapes in the ASLA awards program and then get many of you to make submissions.  Our work needs more recognition and that won't happen if we don't educate our colleagues and lobby for change. Similarly, I'd like to facilitate discourse on Fellow status with a goal of insuring that those of us whose practice focuses on historic landscapes are encouraged to seek this recognition and are being judged fairly.

I've heard a strong vote for more historic preservation content at our annual meeting and have several excellent ideas for Chicago.  Planning for our 2009 gathering will begin shortly after the 2008 conference, so start thinking about what you'd like to be involved in.  I'll send a PPN bulletin with ideas soon.

I think we need to renew ASLA's commitment to HALS.  As one of three signers of the tripartite agreement, ASLA has an obligation to advance HALS.  I believe that the HALS program is the best thing to happen to landscape architecture in decades.  We should all use HALS to increase visibility for our profession.  Whenever the topic turns to sustainable design it should be linked to historic preservation.  Preserving, rehabilitating and reusing our resources is the ultimate in sustainability.

Obviously I can not do this alone.  To make progress other ASLA members, staff, and our elected officials will need to hear your voices. Will you join me?

Chris Pattillo, ASLA
Chair Historic Preservation PPN
Co-Chair HALS Northern California Chapter

Letter from Co-Chair Mori, 

We’ve had another year of active work, including on-going HALS work, Lobby Day for funding HALS in the federal budget, this newsletter, and a planned session during the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The Cultural Landscape Foundation has been doing great work and this can be reviewed on its website.

Throughout this last year, Chris Pattillo has been posting informational updates through our PPN listserv. Susan Crook, the out-going HALS liaison, has been doing her usual good work. Duane Dietz again volunteered to put together our online Newsletter.

Chris Pattillo has been an outstanding co-chair. This is a personal thanks from her co-chair for doing all email correspondence, participating with National Staff on conference calls, working the phones and computers for HALS funding, and just being an all round enthusiastic and dedicated leader. Thank you, Chris!

At this year’s Annual Meeting, there were just a few historic preservation sessions and we certainly missed a Mobile Workshop. Let's really work this coming year to have more of our interests show up in the formal programs.

Margaret Mori, FASLA, outgoing Co-Chair

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