Water Conservation PPN Newsletter March 2008
Let’s open up another round of the survey

Last year we asked members of this PPN to respond to
a survey about their professional interests. Results are
posted on the PPN’s website: http://host.asla.org/groups/

One question in the survey asked respondents to pick
their top 5 issues in water conservation from a list, and
then rank them. The survey program wasn’t well suited
for this question and it produced some anomalies in the
tally. I think it would be worthwhile to ask this question
again, but this time allow respondents to rank all 12
choices, noted below.

The question reads: What are the most pertinent issues
or topics in water conservation for your work? Options
listed in the original survey included:

  • Education
  • Innovative design practice
  • Irrigation design / installation / maintenance
  • Stormwater management
  • Landscape restoration
  • LEED certifications
  • Rainwater collection
  • Regulations – federal, state, and local
  • Sustainable designs that incorporate water conservation techniques
  • Technology – design and construction
  • Technology – products
  • Water quality

If you think there are other topics we should include
in this question or if you have strong opinions about
posting another short survey, please feel free to contact
me or post a discussion thread in our e-community.

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