Water Conservation PPN Newsletter March 2008
Articles for next newsletter

Here are some ideas for generating newsletter content:
1. Ask people that you know are working on water
related projects to write about their work.
2. With permission, we can reprint articles or adapt
material from other sources.
3. Ask people who have made good presentations about
water to submit an article based on that presentation.
4. Have you heard of any upcoming meetings,
conferences or shows other members might want to
know about?
5. Have you read good case studies that you could
summarize and that we could note in our e-community
and newsletter?
6. Could you write a review of a pertinent book you’ve
read and also add it to our e-community?
7. We could do a member profile—perhaps of you or
your firm’s work. This is an excellent opportunity to share
information and gain publicity for your firm.
8. We can also publish a list of themes for articles on
our PPN’s e-community. Then if you see a topic you or
someone you know might be able to develop into an
article, contact them and encourage them to submit a
short article.

Quantity is not the name the name of the game. Helping
each other find sources for information, and making this
PPN a good resource is what we’re all about: providing
an opportunity to network and share ideas.

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