Water Conservation PPN Newsletter March 2008
Thoughts on content for future newsletters!

I know you all have interesting ideas, projects and
information to share with each other. Providing future
articles for the newsletter is one way you can get
involved, network and gain visibility for your work and

In order to be most helpful, I think we need to organize
the work we do and information we gather around major
topics of interest to us. Based on responses to the
survey conducted last summer, I drafted a list of a few
topic areas we could cover. Please feel free to comment
about topics we might be missing or changes you might

Proposed list of topics of interest:
Watershed systems

  • Stormwater management
    Rain barrel systems
    Vegetated Swales
    Permeable surfaces
  • Landscape restoration
  • Water quality


  • Low volume irrigation systems
  • Managing irrigation schedules based on current outline weather and evapotranspiration (ET)
  • Design / Installation / Maintenance

Water Re-use

  • Non-potable wastewater / gray water
  • Rain water collection

Public policies – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

  • National
  • State
  • Local


  • Teaching future generations K-12
  • Training future professionals


  • LEED/Sustainable Sites Initiative (proposed)
  • EPA WaterSense Program
  • Other?

Coordination with other water focused groups

  • Sustainable Sites Initiative
  • Irrigation Association
  • Other?

Project database

  • Articles and details about projects related to these
    topic areas

The outline above could also be a way of organizing and
sharing information that we can store on-line in our ASLA
Water Conservation e-Community.

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