Reclamation and Restoration Professional Practice Network
by Lee R. Skabelund, Joe Howard, George Salvaggio
Welcome to our first formal Reclamation & Restoration Professional Practice Network Newsletter. Up to this point we have simply chosen to post articles online. With this newsletter we are breaking new ground.

We appreciate those who have contributed to this newsletter and look forward to hearing from many of you in the future. Your contributions are most welcome. Joe Howard, ASLA, a contributor to this newsletter and new co-chair of the PPN, has volunteered to help coordinate newsletter production over the next year. Joe can be reached by e-mail at: jhoward@

As a reminder we encourage you to review all of the past submissions to the R&R PPN website by going to rrpigroup/ (or connecting to our website from the ASLA Professional Practice Headquarters page— htm). Submissions to the R&R PPN are noted under “Newsletter” and “Documents” links.

We encourage your participation at ASLA meetings (we hope there will continue to be a number of sessions and/or tours related to ecological restoration/reclamation), and in creating a PPN that furthers our mission of improving the way ecological restoration occurs throughout the world.

As noted on our homepage, the R&R-PPN serves as a forum for landscape architects interested in land reclamation and ecological restoration to exchange knowledge, ideas, and information. Under this umbrella, the R&R-PPN works to disseminate ideas and information to landscape architects who are interested in reclamation and restoration by improving communication among professionals with similar interests. Land reclamation and ecological restoration issues are discussed via online discussions, in the group’s newsletter, and during education and networking sessions held in conjunction with the ASLA Annual Meeting.

Our collective success depends on contributions from each of you. Please join us in the exchange of ideas and lessons you have learned while working on issues related to ecological restoration and land reclamation.

Thank you!
Lee R. Skabelund, ASLA,
Joe Howard, ASLA,
George Salvaggio, ASLA,
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