Water Conservation PPN Newsletter March 2008
Let’s start talking

We have an e-community already created for us on
the ASLA website! This is a place where we can start
a discussion thread and interact more readily about
charting a course of action for our PPN. Accessing
our PPN’s e-community is very easy. Instructions are available at
pdf. Within the Water Conservation e-community there
are 6 sections where we can share various kinds of

1. News – hot items of likely interest to members
2. Resources – a handy place for web links, book
reviews and book lists, and other resources useful in our
3. Discussion Groups – an opportunity to post questions
and discuss specific topics
4. Documents – a place for research papers, articles,
abstracts, etc.
5. Surveys and ballots – can be used for ballots and
basic multiple choice surveys
6. PPN calendar – for noting events that members may
want to take part in

All members can respond to and post discussion items.
If you have other materials such as news items that you
would like to see posted, send them to me.

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Laurie Beth Donnachie, ASLA, Co-Chair

Matthew Mathes, ASLA, Co-Chair
(425) 894-5505