Reclamation and Restoration Professional Practice Network
Prominent Topics and Themes in Recent Conservation and Restoration Literature
by Tor Janson
Based on a review of the journals Restoration Ecology, Ecological Restoration, Conservation Biology, and Conservation in Practice, 2005-2006. Prepared by Tor Janson, Kansas State University (June 2006). Reviewed by Lee R. Skabelund, ASLA, Kansas State University, Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning.

I. Decision-Making Frameworks
        A. Why do restoration?
                i) Definitions of restoration
                ii) Philosophical rationales
                iii) Conservation strategies
        B. Land-use: whether and where to restore
                i) Restoration vs. other land uses
                ii) Prioritizing restoration objectives
                iii) Science’s role in the decision making process
        C. Site Restoration: what and how to restore
                i) Active vs. passive management
                ii) Reference and historical ecosystems
                iii) Re-establishment of native plant community
                iv) Re-establishment of animal species
                v) Invasive species control
                vi) Role of mychorrizae
                vii) Prescribed burns
                viii) Pesticide use
                ix) Local ecotype—genetics and gene flow
                x) Ecosystem-specific challenges and practices

II. Measuring and Monitoring Restoration Success
        A. Hows and whys
        B. Reporting results
        C. Application of lessons learned to theory and practice

III. Global Climate Change
        A. Effects upon ecosystem composition and function
        B. Implications for restorationists
        C. Policies (Kyoto) and mitigation (carbon sequestration)

IV. Politics and Culture
        A. Restoration in politics and policy
        B. Involvement of the public in restoration activities
        C. Integrating restoration into social/cultural activities and values
        D. Restoration aesthetics/experiences
        E. Integration of knowledge among related biological science disciplines (conservation biology, ecological restoration, restoration ecology, landscape ecology, etc.)
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