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Open Letter from Reclamation and Restoration PPN Student Intern
by Tor Janson
Dear Reclamation and Restoration PPN members,

Working with Professor Lee R. Skabelund, I have been acting as an intern for the Reclamation and Restoration PPN since late spring 2006. I wish to again ask for your assistance in developing the Reclamation and Restoration website and in promoting dialogue between PPN members. I am seeking feedback in three ways:

1) Please let me know if you have reclamation or ecological restoration resources to add to the website or future newsletters.
2) Below is an outline of the prevailing topics and themes that I have found in the current restoration and conservation literature. These topics may or may not be relevant to designers and planners. Please let me know which of these topic areas are most important to you. Additionally, if I have omitted a subject area important to you, please include it in your response.
3) Please let me know what ecological restoration questions and issues you would like to have some dialogue about via the PPN list-serve.

My research priorities will be greatly influenced by the feedback that I receive. Please respond with ideas, comments or list-serve topics/questions by Feb. 26, 2007. Our goal is for the PPN website and listserv to meet your needs.

Thank you for your assistance.
Tor Janson, Student ASLA, MLA student—Kansas State University (

PS: As an example of my work in reviewing the literature for articles relevant for designers, please refer to my review of the September 2005 Restoration Ecology article “Restoration Success: How Is It Being Measured?” This review follows the list of topics and themes in the restoration and conservation literature.
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