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Dear PPN members,

I am graduate student at the University of Oregon studying Landscape Architecture and just joined the PPN. I am conducting research on the cultural significance and restoration of man-made waterways. In particular I am interested in the restoration or reclamation of irrigation canal/ditch systems, mill ponds and millraces that were originally dug or constructed during the pioneer period of Oregon (roughly 1820- 1910).

The transformation of these older systems to new uses is my primary focus of investigation for my Masters project. I am wondering if anyone knows of good precedents that I could use as a case study (not necessarily in Oregon). Some examples would be canals that have been redeveloped and opened as recreational trails or as visual amenities through a community, side channel habitat that has been created out of old millraces, or dredge ponds that have been reclaimed as new wetland complexes. These sites could be projects that have undergone active restoration, or simply waterways that, through abandonment or lack of management, have “naturalized” into a new system and provide new benefits and uses. If you know of new building developments such as housing subdivisions along ditches or canals that integrate or utilize the waterway as an amenity other than its original purpose, this would also be of interest to me.

If you have any insights into a site project that might fit such a description, please contact me. Previous projects or potential projects are applicable. I appreciate your time and consideration of this request. Thank you.


Sarah Schrock, Student ASLA
MLA Candidate 2007
University of Oregon
Department of Landscape Architecture
(541) 729-1935
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