Fall 2006 Newsletter
by James A. Speck

Dear Members of the Parks and Recreation Professional Practice Network, ASLA,

As you may know, a majority of the group’s time and efforts have been spent in responding to the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) National Agenda for Urban Parks and Recreation. We continue to see trends for increased awareness and recognition of Landscape Architects in the many facets that support parks and recreation. NRPA’s Call for Action document dovetails with our group’s efforts to increase awareness that parks and recreation promote health and wellness; stimulate community and economic development; protect the environment; and educate, protect and enrich America’s young people.

We will continue to work towards a clearer understanding of how our two organizations can work together to promote the Call for Action, share resources on the benefits of Parks and Recreation, and market the advantages of utilizing landscape architects for resource planning, preservation and improvement.

In addition to NRPA, there is also an immediate need to promote our area of practice to more of our own membership. Parks and recreation professionals are actively involved in developing area master plans, regional trail systems, and open space preservation strategies, and in improving stormwater quality. These projects ultimately benefit landscape architects in the private sector through the implementation phase of the project. We, as a group, see a need to place more emphasis on getting the word out about public practitioners and seeking more recognition from our own profession.

As we transition into 2 007, our goals are becoming clearer, our efforts more focused, and our sprit to actively participate in our professional practice network growing.


James A. Speck, ASLA
Chair, Parks and Recreation Professional Practice Network


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