Residential PPN Spring 2008 Newsletter
by Kristin Faurest
The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~Hanna Rion

Welcome to the newest edition of the Residential Design PPN newsletter, and my first as Co-chair with Jeff Mitchell. It is an exciting privilege to be able to serve in this position and great to get to know several of you well through learning about your work. For me in particular it’s a terrific opportunity to be able to contribute to ASLA’s work, since my practice, Artemisia Landscape Design, is based here in Budapest, Hungary—where I teach at Corvinus University’s landscape architecture faculty and work part-time at an urban planning institute.

Our profession itself is unusual in its diversity - landscape architecture runs the spectrum from civil engineering to artistry, with environmental protection, nature preservation and a wealth of other professional elements in between.

I think residential design has historically been the area that offers some of the greatest opportunities for individual artistic expression (if, of course, the client and the designer manage to agree on a vision), and this certainly comes across in the articles our members submitted for this newsletter. Given that more than 70 percent of ASLA firms offer residential design services, I know that we as an organization have a strong interest in this particular area. I see residential design as being full of so many new issues, challenges and opportunities to effect positive aesthetic, environmental and social changes. We can use and promote native plants to benefit local ecosystems and also contribute to creating distinctive regional looks and styles of residential landscapes around the country. We can design landscapes using xeriscapes or other watersaving approaches, promote the use of chemical-free lawns and organic gardening techniques, and help our clients reduce their energy use through green walls and other devices. And if we are able to find progressive developers who want to build new housing with common gardens, we can contribute directly to creating inclusive, exciting common spaces for vital new neighborhoods.

I want to thank our members for their great contributions to this edition, and I look forward to continuing our discussions in this newsletter and in our electronic community on

Kristin Faurest is associated with Artemisia Landscape Design in Budapest, Hungary and can be reached at
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