Letter from the Immediate Past Chair
by Jon Bryan Burley, FASLA

Hello my friends from around the world!

For the past 6 years, I have been the chair of the ASLA International Practice PPN. I have enjoyed it immensely. I have faithfully made sure we published a newsletter at least once a year, featuring numerous countries and projects from around the world including Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Norway, France, Sweden, Croatia, Cameroon, Kenya, USA, Serbia, Bulgaria, Malta, Russia, Estonia, and Indonesia.

Burley - World Map
World map used by Michigan State University. Map highlights courtesy Jon Burley.

Many people have participated in the success of this network. And we have held a business meeting at each ASLA annual meeting. In addition, as an International PPN representative, I moderated sessions at the ASLA/IFLA conference in Minneapolis, and ASLA conferences in Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco, plus I have represented us at ECLAS in Sweden, WSEAS in Portugal and Greece, and two meetings in China. 

I like personal one-on-on contact. But I am not much of an electronic social network person. Where I live in Michigan, my i-phone has no reception, I have no internet, no cable, no satellite TV. So you can guess I do not use Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and LinkedIn. Regular snail mail and old fashioned e-mail are fine with me because they are more personal. The new media seem so temporal in their communication messages, like reading the weekly “glamour” magazines—something that is not compatible with my style. Nevertheless, the ASLA PPNs have evolved and it is time to have a chair who likes the new social media.

The new chair, Fidenzio Salvatori, from Toronto, Canada will be a great chair for this transition of the International Practice PPN to the new social media. I encourage everyone to participate! There are still members from many parts of the world who have not contributed to a newsletter article or submitted LinkedIn posts for the International Practice PPN. It is time to hear from the rest of the world.

Yours in communication,
Jon Bryan Burley, FASLA
Agro-campus Ouest, Angers, France

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