Letter from the Chair
by Manuela King, ASLA

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as the Chair of the Women in Landscape Architecture PPN. Joining me this year is Co-chair Kristina Hyland. Our PPN is dedicated to providing professional support for women in the landscape architecture profession.

Over the past few years, many professionals have faced increasing challenges brought on by the difficult economic times. We have had to face uncertain job markets, increased competition, and increased expectations from our clients. We have struggled to find balance between our professional and work lives. As a group, the Women in Landscape Architecture Professional Practice Network (WILA PPN) can provide a support network for women professionals grappling with these issues.

We will be actively working toward a number of goals this year including:

• Developing an understanding of how we can better serve women in the profession
• Recognizing the strong women leaders in landscape architecture
• Assisting with the career development of members
• Serving as a forum for the discussion of women’s professional issues
• Planning a fun and engaging event at the Annual Meeting

To help us achieve these goals, we have formed an Officers Group of committed members who will tackle some of these tasks. Anyone with interest in serving on this Officers Group should contact me at: manuela@rhaa.com.

Kristina and I look forward to working with you to enhance the ways this PPN can support your professional growth. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me or Kristina at: kehyland@gmail.com. I also encourage you to join and participate in the Linked-In group, ASLA Women in Landscape Architecture PPN.


Manuela King,
ASLA, Chair, Women in Landscape Architecture PPN

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