Letter from the Chair
by James Hencke, ASLA, LEED AP and Claire Latané, ASLA, LEED AP

This second Urban Design newsletter for 2011 comes because of an overflowing of responses to this year’s call for article submissions. We had enough material to consider doing several newsletters with different topics, but have chosen to present you instead with this sampling of the breadth of current issues in urban design.

This newsletter reflects in volume and in scope the current buzz about landscape architecture and the steady presence of the landscape perspective at the heart of urban design. We think you will enjoy, as we have, this collection of articles that address iconic spaces in US cities, new takes on guiding principles, and case studies from abroad. From what to do with the huge numbers of vacant lots in East Germany to bringing people back to Herald Square in New York to learning from the over-crowded slums of Caracas, these topics are sure to spark curiosity or inform. Enjoy your reading, and feel free to submit an article of your own in response at any time. We will save it for our next newsletter.

We hope to see you in San Diego!

James Hencke, ASLA, LEED AP
ASLA Urban Design Professional Practice Network - Chair

Claire Latané, ASLA, LEED AP
ASLA Urban Design Professional Practice Network - Newsletter Chair

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