Letter from the Chairs
by Jena Ponti, ASLA and Julie Johnson, ASLA

Much has been going on with our PPN since the ASLA conference in Washington D.C. last fall. For those of you who don’t know, Julie Johnson, ASLA has stepped into the Co-Chair position with me. Julie is an Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture and Adjunct Associate Professor in Architecture at the University of Washington. Julie authored a LATIS entitled, "Design for Learning: Values, Qualities, and Processes of Enriching School Landscapes.” I look forward to seeing how her contributions will enrich our PPN. Thank you, Julie!

Julie and I want to give a big thanks to Lisa Horne and Shweta Nanekar, our new Communications Team. Lisa and Shweta volunteered their time and effort to help make this newsletter the best one yet.

We also have our LinkedIn group up and running for the PPN. Many of you have signed up and have posted communications, articles, and announcements. The LinkedIn group is our means of frequent communication so please reach out to the rest of your network.

We think you will really enjoy the articles submitted for this newsletter. They offer powerful insights and places for children's learning. We thank each of the authors for their contributions.

We hope to see you in San Diego this fall!

Jena Ponti, ASLA and Julie Johnson, ASLA

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