Letter from the Chairs
by Sharon Bradley, ASLA and Rob Parker, ASLA
In case any of you missed our previous letter, I’d like to introduce my colleague, Rob Parker, and myself as the Co-Chairs of ASLA’s Housing and Community Design Professional Practice Network. This PPN had been fairly dormant for a while, but we know there are many of you who share our joys and frustrations, and challenges and triumphs in the community design realm. We feel certain that there is an ongoing, vibrant conversation to be had. We’re planning to ignite that discussion using a more accessible and convenient platform: our new LinkedIn Group. Recently, ASLA staff sent information about how to join the group. In a nutshell, if you are not already a member of LinkedIn, you should join at www.linkedin.com. Then, join our group. You will also need to be member of the LinkedIn group “ASLA Professional Practice Networks” to belong to a LinkedIn PPN subgroup; however, you can join both groups at the same time. We hope you will all be active participants in a lively exchange of ideas so that we can all benefit from each other’s experiences. 

In addition, we have changed the description of the PPN’s mission on the Housing and Community Design PPN Web page. Please check it out, along with the other information on that webpage. Please feel free to recommend additional information to post there. And if you to have any ideas on how to make this PPN better in any way, please e-mail Rob or me and we will be sure to get back to you.

In this newsletter, we address the questions: How has community design changed in recent times in response to the economy and to the drive toward higher density, Smart Growth-type development? How are these changes affecting various types of landscape architectural practices? We’d love to hear about your experiences, so feel free to jump in on the Housing and Community Design PPN LinkedIn page and share your thoughts. We’ll be posting a number of other discussion topics there as well, and will continue to try to find topics that resonate with the group. Hopefully, the LinkedIn format will facilitate the conversation.

Sharon Bradley, ASLA
Rob Parker, ASLA
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Chair position open. If interested in this leadership opportunity, please contact Professional Practice Coordinator Alexandra Hay.