Letter from the Chair
by James Hencke, ASLA

Welcome to our Fall 2010 ASLA Urban Design Professional Practice Network Newsletter! This issue contains articles on art intervention in participatory planning, an analysis of the Křemežsky Brook watershed, A “Kit of Parks” for vacant lots and other unused spaces, and the urban streetscapes of Taipei.

2010 ASLA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

This year’s ASLA Annual Meeting (held in Washington DC, on September 10-13) offered tremendous opportunity and excitement. If you measure success by attendance, Annual Meeting attendees increased slightly to 5,465 - a seven percent increase over 2009 and a six percent increase over 2008!

As part of the week’s events, our annual Urban Design Professional Practice Network Meeting was held Saturday, September 11 from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. This year, 22 members gathered to meet fellow PPN members, strengthen relationships, and discuss “what’s your favorite urban space?” This was the most focused, interesting, and exciting Urban Design PPN meeting in my three year tenure as Chair.

Other items the gathered group discussed included:

  • Planned LinkedIn webpage for our group (e-Networks will go away)
  • Sharing information on built solutions, products, and/or design details
  • LAF’s new performance metric database
  • Interest in urban design and walkability studies
  • Ideas for next year’s Annual Meeting Education Sessions
  • LATIS peer-reviewers

I believe all members left the meeting energized, with new professional connections, and inspired to contribute to upcoming PPN newsletters.

PPN Membership Report

Our group is huge! As of 10-28-10, there were 1,268 members of the Urban Design PPN and the second largest PPN. The total number of all PPN members is currently 11,228).

Moving Forward

Please consider submitting a short article for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter. Anything from 1/2 page to 2 pages works well. Keep in mind that our newsletters are a great way to express your ideas, provide a career development and professional growth opportunity, and are posted to the ASLA website. Also, how about reaching out to fellow Urban Design PPN members in your area to socialize or plan a mini-event?

Looking forward to networking with all of you in 2010-2011! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, issues, or concerns.

James Hencke, ASLA

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