International Conferences -- Past and Upcoming
by Jon Bryan Burley, ASLA

Summaries of Past Conferences 

I had the privilege of attending two conferences and visiting a landscape studies program in Europe in 2008. Below are brief summaries of those and subsequent events.

WSEAS 2008 Conference in Faro, Portugal 

The World Scientific, Engineering, and Academic Society (WSEAS) held the First International Conference on Landscape Architecture in Faro, Portugal, June 2008. The conference featured speakers from the United States of America, Australia, Portugal, Greece, and Poland, plus a few other countries. One of the highlights was a paper presented by Pedro Miguel Vargues, entitled “Geographic Information System to Predict Visual Impact Assessment.” Read conference proceedings and a report concerning the conference.

The WSEAS Second International Conference on Landscape Architecture was held in Vouliagmeni Beach, Athens, Greece, September 28-30th, 2009. Learn more about the conference.

WSEAS also sponsors annual conferences on Energy, Environment, Ecosystems, and Sustainable Development. The society was started by Greek academics who take their scholarship very seriously. For the investment of time and money, the WSEAS conferences provide many more benefits to the landscape architectural academic community than traditional landscape conferences. Future WSEAS conferences are described below.

ECLAS 2008 Conference Alnarp, Sweden 

The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools 2008 (ECLAS) was sponsored by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and in Alnarp Sweden September 11-14.

Conference 1
Landscape studios at Alnarp.
Image courtesy Jon Bryan Burley, copyright, all rights reserved.

The title for the conference was “New Landscapes - New Lives, New Challenges in Landscape Planning, Design and Management.”  Presenters came from the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the U.S. The highlight of the conference was a tour of formative landscapes in southern Sweden with Pär Gustafsson.

The 2009 ECLAS conference was held in September 2009 in Genoa, Italy, with the theme: “Landscape and Ruins - Planning and Design for the Regeneration of Derelict Places.” Learn more on ECLAS meetings.

Landscape Studies in Tallinn, Estonia 

Before attending the ECLAS conference, I visited the Landscape Studies Program at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Estonia, and gave a lecture concerning visual quality in planning and design.

I also visited with Katrin Koov, the Estonia Landscape Architecture Programme Coordinator. who showed me some of her superb built projects. Planning and Design is very much alive in Estonia.

Conference 2
Students at the Estonian Academy of Arts.
Courtesy Jon Bryan Burley, copyright 2008, all rights reserved. 

While the school is in a relatively small and compact building shared with artists and architects, the program is energetic, creative, and thoughtful. Students obtain an excellent education in this setting, and may earn a Masters of Arts in Landscape Studies. In April 2009, the school featured Urban and Landscape Days at the Estonian Academy of Arts, with keynote speakers including Christopher TenWolde (USA/Finland), Isabella Pasqualini (Switzerland), Aaro Söderlund (Finland), Luke Engleback (UK), Luis Urbano (Portugal), Nathalie Beekman (Netherlands), Chris Moller (New Zealand/Netherlands), and João Figueira (Portugal).

Upcoming Conferences 

Urban Sustainability, Cultural Sustainability, Green Development, Green Structures and Clean Cars, Malta, September 15-17, 2010, co-organized with the Institute for Environment, Engineering, Economics and Applied Mathematics. Learn more.

The next ECLAS will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 29-October 2, 2010, hosted by the Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture. For more information, see: http:/

The 3rd WSEAS International Conference on Landscape Architecture will be held October 21-23, 2010 in Timisoara, Romania, hosted and sponsored by the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Faculty of Electrical and Power Engineering. Learn more.

The 3rd WSEAS International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Simulation and the 3rd WSEAS International Conference on Urban Rehabilitation and Sustainability will be held at the University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal, November 3-5, 2010.

The 8th WSEAS International Conference on Environment, Ecosystems and Development will be held at Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, December 29-31, 2010.

The 4th WSEAS International Conference on Urban Planning and Transportation, and the 4th WSEAS International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Tourism will be held at Corfu Island, Greece, July 14-16, 2011.

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