Letter from the Chair
by Paul Lander, ASLA

As the incoming chair of the Water Conservation PPN, I am writing to introduce myself and some of the ideas we have planned for the PPN over the next couple of years. While you will learn more about me in the information below, I am most interested in knowing why you’re a part of the PPN, and what we can do to be of service.

This PPN offers a tremendous opportunity for LA’s to learn more about, and share information on, the many aspects of water resources. Some of the ideas we are interested in pursuing:

  1. More dialogue and involvement with the Sustainable Design and Development PPN, to better integrate our overlapping interests.
  2. Continued interaction with the Sustainable Sites Initiative, to monitor the evolution and adoption of those guidelines into the USGBC’s LEED system.
  3. More dialogue and involvement with other professional organizations, especially the Irrigation Association, the American Water Works Association, the American Water Resources Association, and the built environment professionals in AIA, APA, and AID.
  4. More interaction with universities to help support educational opportunities about professional work with water issues.

We plan to fully utilize the talented staff at ASLA to help us with electronic communications, etc. to facilitate the discussions, and also with any ASLA chapters you are a part of that have a particular interest in water issues.

Please visit the PPN website regularly for updates and information as well as opportunities to share ideas and brainstorm as a group!

As to my background, it is in Environmental Planning, Education, and Urban Conservation Programming. I have worked for over 28 years in the areas of water, energy, and land conservation, recently running the City of Boulder, CO’s water conservation program for 16 years. My education includes graduate degrees in Landscape Architecture and Geography. In addition to ASLA, I am active with the American Water Works Association and the Colorado Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.

I want to thank Rick Wagner and Phil Robisch for their work here over the past couple of year.  Phil will be staying on as Past-Chair to offer additional support and consistency. We look forward to making this PPN a resource for you and sincerely hope that you’ll join us and offer your expertise too.

Paul W. Lander, ASLA


Time goes by much too quickly. It was about two years ago that I agreed to be the Co-chair for the Water Conservation PPN, with Rick Wagner. The next thing I knew, I was in Philadelphia leading the meeting for our PPN, since Rick couldn’t be there. Fast forward to May 2009. Paul Lander started to ask questions about the PPN, and all of a sudden, he was asked if he would like to be the new Chair. This PPN has a lot of potential, and there should be much discussion around the topic, but it’s been tough going so far. Paul has the enthusiasm, and some great ideas on how to get people engaged, so we feel the future is looking really good. Paul is Principal at the dakota ridge partnership, and the Executive Director at Colorado WaterWise. Both Rick and I are passionate about the subject, but our work responsibilities have limited our time to devote to this important PPN. Rick has decided he must step back from the PPN for now, but I will still be involved and available to the extent possible. So get involved and bring your questions, comments, and ideas to the group!

Phil Robisch, ASLA

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