Letter from the Chair
by Martin S. Flores, ASLA

As an active member in ASLA and now Chair of the Landscape-Land Use Planning PPN, it seems so long ago that I first stumbled across the Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) during one of my searches through the ASLA website. I have at times struggled with my responsibilities as a Chair, and with the role of my practice within the profession of Landscape Architecture.  Now the current state of the global economy has prompted an ever-closer look into the role of our profession and the way we practice our craft. As a result, our profession must reprioritize the way we do business and reorganize the structure of our practice.

Now, more than ever, our members need advice, advocacy, and leverage. At the ASLA meeting in Chicago, the Landscape-Land Use Planning PPN discussed ways to increase interaction with each other and allow our members into the world of private and public professional practitioners. The hope is to create a resource for those in the public, private, and academic arenas, providing them with insight and guidance. We hope that practitioners will learn, become inspired, gain an infusion of energy and inspiration, and get involved.

The Landscape-Land Use Planning PNN has grown, and in doing so it now includes professionals that provide the full spectrum of expertise and experience that the profession encompasses: professionals from large and small firms, the private and public sectors, academia, as well as landscape contractors. 

Those of us who serve as PPN chairs accept the responsibility to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among practitioners. More than ever, we need your input. How can we help our profession and this PPN to grow, and address the complicated issues ahead of us? Now is the time to get involved in the Landscape-Land Use Planning PPN! You can email your thoughts and ideas to me personally, or better yet, go online to the Landscape-Land Use Planning PPN’s e-Network and engage others in discussion.

Overall, the PPNs are for you, the members of ASLA. The more you contribute, the more we all benefit.  The value of the Landscape-Land Use Planning PPN is in the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and concerns—a gift to fellow members, and to yourself as well. 


Martin S. Flores, ASLA
Chair, Landscape-Land Use Planning PPN

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