Letter from the Chair
by Mark S. Lindhult, FASLA

Welcome to the Computing PPN. This is a rather unique committee in that the topic area now permeates almost every other PPN as digital technology is applied to helping designers make better decisions. As you will read in this newsletter, technology is used from the garden scale (Bob Oelberg’s application of inexpensive design software for doing animations), to large international projects (Ed Flaherty’s lessons for small practitioners from large project control software), to creating physical models from 3D digital models (Stephen Ervin’s report from Harvard GSD).

Each newsletter in the coming year will provide:

  • a firm profile that describes a particular application or technique that a firm uses to integrate digital technology into its practice
  • a university profile that describes technologies students in a particular LA department are applying to their work or research results
  • practical tips and hints from members, including shortcuts, plug-ins, rendering techniques, and other timesavers in the design or production process
  • new technology that you may find effective.

The mission for the coming year will be two-fold. The first is to reenergize the PPN and provide topical information related to the integration of digital technology in both professional practice and education. The second is to work across PPN boundaries with other committees to look at how digital technology is impacting specific areas of practice.

At this year’s ASLA Annual Meeting in Chicago there were three presentations that related directly to the Computing PPN: Traditional Drawing—Digitally Remastered; Lessons Learned: Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Landscape Architecture; and Maximizing CAD to Work Smarter with a Smaller Workforce. Read the session handouts

I look forward to getting your input and contributions on this important topic area.


Mark S. Lindhult, FASLA, is a Professor of Landscape Architecture and graduate program director at the University of Massachusetts. He is also a partner with The Berkshire Design Group in Northampton, MA. 

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