Get Involved!

We look forward to meeting you all in Chicago at the ASLA National Conference. Our SDD PPN meeting will be held on Saturday at 5:30 pm, and we expect to see many of you there.

We will be discussing the formation of subcommittees that we hope you will be interested in joining to become more involved in the SDD PPN activities and behind the scenes work. Come find out about the committees forming and sign up to be involved.

After business is conducted we also encourage you all to socialize on the conference grounds or at a local establishment to continue the dialog, as you know, professional practice networks are built with ASLA members and everyone’s contribution is appreciated.

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Lisa Cowan, ASLA, Co-Chair
(207) 829-3600

 Constance (CeCe) Haydock, ASLA, Co-Chair
(516) 759-7039

Keven Graham, ASLA, Officer
(630) 668-3788

April Philips, ASLA, Officer
(415) 331-2784

Hunter Beckham, ASLA, Officer
(314) 644-5700  

Nette Compton, ASLA, Officer
(212) 574-6850

Lisa Kunst Vavro, ASLA, Officer
(412) 263-1753