Letter from the Chair
by Jon Bryan Burley, ASLA

In 2009 I hope that the future looks bright for you as the world comes together over many important issues.  In this issue of the newsletter, we have several contributions.  Daniel Ilkov writes about landscape issues in Bulgaria.  His favorite planning and design topic is golf courses.  Patti Stouter writes about landscape architecture south of the equator in the tropics.  Last spring 2008, Sarah Huddas visited the town of Split, Croatia and has her report.    Luis Loures, now a professor in Portugal writes about his experiences in the United States and Portugal. 

Starting 01 June 2009, I will be in China for 10 weeks.  I expect to be at the ASLA annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois.  As usual I expect ASLA to feature presentations from designers and projects around the world.

See you there,


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