Letter from the Chair
by Jena Ponti, ASLA

Greetings Members!

The establishment of an ASLA Professional Practice Network devoted to Children’s Outdoor Environments is extremely timely. We are fortunate to have a rich and growing foundation of research, literature, and design work to layer our understanding of what a healthy, responsive, and high quality play and learning environment means. The widespread public awareness of the current state of childhood is revealing some new challenges that our profession is primed to help address. This effort is a collaborative one. How can we continue to forge partnerships with parents, educators, municipalities, legislators, and others who are also engaged in this work? Where are there opportunities for advocacy and education? How can we, as landscape architects, add momentum and strength to this movement? There are many questions to ask and hopefully our network can collaborate in an effort to form answers.

I am pleased to present our PPN’s first newsletter, a wonderful way we can communicate and share as a group. Two members, Joy Kuebler, ASLA, and James Couillard, ASLA, have graciously offered to share accounts of their projects. I hope that their articles encourage you to share your projects, research, and experiences in subsequent newsletters and on our PPN’s e-Network.

I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to make the best of our network.

My best to you all,

Jena Ponti, ASLA

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Julie Johnson, ASLA, Co-Chair
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Chad Kennedy, ASLA, The Field Editor
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Jena Ponti, ASLA, Officer