Letter from Chair
by Mark Hough, ASLA

This PPN is one of the only means for organized communication between professionals focused on issues associated with campus planning and design, and this newsletter is a way for professionals on both the client and institutional sides to not only communicate, but also to display current and recent initiatives and projects on campuses across the country. Ours is one of the most established and important sectors of the profession of landscape architecture and I hope people will take advantage of this opportunity to take credit for the great campus work that is consistently being produced. My hope is that there will be further interest in submitting projects and we will have enough material for a winter newsletter as well.

Specific items of interest:
Philadelphia Annual Meeting 2008
The ASLA annual meeting in Philadelphia was very successful, with very good tours of both Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania. There were scheduling issues with the PPN meetings which resulted in a lower turnout than usual; we have been assured that this will not be the case at the 2009 meeting.
Chicago Annual Meeting 2009 (September 18-21)
Speaking of the 2009 Annual Meeting, there will be campus tours and several campus planning and designed focused education sessions in Chicago. We have been under represented at recent meetings so I look forward to having more campus-related sessions this year. I hope many of you will be at the Meeting and, if you are there, be sure to show up for the meeting of this PPN, as well. The date and time for all PPN meetings will be listed in the schedule. 
It has taken longer than anticipated for ASLA to get the E-Network system up and running, and now that it is in place I anticipate it will become an effective way for us to have conversations on issues common to us all. It will take some time to get used to having this resource available, but hopefully we will be using it soon to stay better informed and in touch.

Membership Report
As of July 2009, there were 423 members of the Campus Planning and Design PPN, which is an increase from 2008. Recommend this networking tool to your colleagues and friends associated with campus work so we can continue to expand our voice within ASLA and the profession as a whole.

Have a great year,

Mark Hough, ASLA, is Campus Landscape Architect at Duke University, and chair of the Campus Planning and Design PPN. He can be reached at mark.hough@duke.edu.

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