West Campus Plaza at Duke University
by Mark Hough, ASLA

The West Campus Plaza at Duke University is an above grade plaza in the center of campus that replaced a busy, yet nondescript, 12 foot wide concrete bridge that connected the West Quad with the Bryan University Center. The $10 million project, designed by Hargreaves Associates, turned what had previously been primarily a circulation route into an vibrant and popular campus open space that is the site of large and small events, performances, food service and informal gathering.

West Campus Plaza – Before. Image courtesy Mark Hough, ASLA. 

West Campus Plaza – After. Image courtesy Mark Hough, ASLA.

See more information and images (PDF).

Mark Hough, ASLA, is Campus Landscape Architect at Duke University, and chair of the Campus Planning and Design PPN. He can be reached at mark.hough@duke.edu. 

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