Sustainable Design and Development Professional Practice Network Updates

Here’s a piece of exciting news! The SDD PPN membership is strong and our membership continues to grow, with almost 2,000 members in our network alone. We want to thank everyone who has contributed: those engaged in the ongoing dialog with ASLA staff; contributors to the development of the Sustainable Sites Initiative; the ASLA web site development team; and members.  With the new reformatting and re-launch of the web pages and e-Networks we plan to engage all of you, our members, in diverse discussion and information-sharing via these various electronic media.

New Web site

With the new ASLA web site launch we are now back up and running online with bigger and better content and interactive abilities. Some key web sites to bookmark include:

As well as the ASLA Professional Practice Resource Page, which includes links to resources on green roof design, invasive species, Landscape Architecture Technical Information Series (LATIS) documents, and more.


We also want to let you know that our SDD PPN members’ e-Networks discussion forum is back up and running. We have re-posted previous discussions, and encourage you to continue the dialog or start new topics. Simply Login to ASLA and go to ‘Your e-Networks.’ Note that you can now sign up for email updates of posting activity on the site. Go here for help logging in and further instructions. 

Sustainability throughout ASLA

Beyond the Initiative, the officers have been working on setting up a stronger connection between you, our members, and ASLA sustainability activities. The green roof at headquarters in DC and this PPN are two examples of ASLA’s focus on sustainability.  There is also a general call out to all PPNs to share sustainable practices that are relevant to the other networks.

We will be working on keeping you up to date on ASLA legislative initiatives related to sustainability, and a variety of other local and national sustainability resources. Stay tuned and check the SDD PPN e-networks for updates.  Here are a few highlights:

ASLA is watching for ‘green’ legislation that applies directly to landscape architecture and site design. A few pieces of legislation that are being tracked are:

  • Green Energy Education Act
  • The Safe Climate Act
  • America’s Climate Security Act
  • Energy Conservation through Trees Act
  • 21st Century Green High Performing Public Schools Facilities Act
  • Green Roof Tax Credit Bill

2009 and 2010 are looking exciting as well regarding sustainable legislation. For general Advocacy issues please visit ASLA's advocacy area

The Sustainable Sites Initiative

The staff and technical subcommittees of the Sustainable Sites Initiative are currently reviewing all public comments on the Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks Draft 2008, revising credits, and updating technical content in the report. The final guidelines and performance benchmarks report, which is slated for release in late fall 2009, will include a weighted rating system. See the final page of this newsletter for additional update information, and don’t forget to visit the Initiative’s web site for more information about the report, including the anticipated call for pilot projects, case studies, posted comments and more.

Sustainable Sites Initiative Talks

As part of the ASLA Speaker Pool on the Sustainable Sites Initiative, many of the SDD PPN officers have been busy with outreach and presentations at a variety of venues, below is just a sampling. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

April Philips Florida ASLA conference FL ASLA Fort Meyers, FL
Jose Alminana; Deb Guenther; Nancy Somerville Sustainable Communities: The Grass IS Greener National Building Museum DC
Jose Alminana Best of Greenbuild 2008 DVGBC Philadelphia
Allegra Bukojemsky; Deb Guenther; April Philips Evening Salon Mithun & Biohabitats, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Allegra Bukojemsky Utah ASLA Conference UT ASLA Park City, UT
Jana McKenzie NRPA Midwest Regional Conference NRPA Grand Junction, CO
Ruth Stafford   San Diego ASLA & New School of Architecture and Design San Diego, CA
Allegra Bukojemsky Salt Lake Sustainability Conference   Salt Lake City UT
Jose Alminana; Deb Guenther ULI Conference   Charlotte NC
Ruth Stafford Sustainable Urban Landscape Conference Ornamental Horticulture Program of Cuyamaca College San Diego, CA
Keven Graham; David Yocca   Chicago USGBC Naperville IL
Keven Graham MELA Conference Chicago Botanic gardens Chicago Il
Allegra Bukojemsky Landscape Industry Show California Landscape Contractors Association Los Angeles, CA
Allegra Bukojemsky SPUR Brown Bag Lecture Series SPUR San Francisco, CA
Jose Alminana Georgia ASLA Conference Georgia ASLA  
April Philips; Allegra Bukojemsky Brown Bag lecture City of San Francisco DPW San Francisco, CA
Hunter Beckham Good to Great   St. Charles MO
Hunter Beckham Greening the Heartland STL USGBC St. Louis, MO


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