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Continuing Education Sessions

The following 90-minute education sessions will be offered from Friday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Each session is 1.5 professional development hours. Education sessions and leaders are subject to change.

Friday     Saturday      Sunday      Monday      Tuesday

Click here to download a printable version of the Education Sessions.

Friday, October 3

Friday, October 3, 2:00-3:30 pm

Green Roof Plants
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

As green roofs have become more commonplace, design intents have become more discrete.  This session will identify some of the most common green roof designs, the plant groups used, the maintenance required for each, the available methods, and the regional differences.  National and international projects will be used to illustrate these designs. 

Featured Speakers:  Edmund C. Snodgrass, Emory Knoll Farms, Inc.

Introduction to the New ASLA Standard Contract
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Earlier this year ASLA made available two standard form agreements tailored specifically for landscape architects and their clients, providing a basic contract addressing fundamental issues critical to successful projects.  Panelists—including a member of the ASLA Professional Practice Committee that developed the forms, the legal counsel who assisted the committee in preparing them, and a representative of an insurance carrier who reviewed the new documents—will discuss the risks and issues good contracts address.

Featured Speakers:   David Blue, Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc.; Vaughn B. Rinner, ASLA, Land Mark Design Group; Cheryl Terio-Simon, Esq.

The Digital Landscape Architecture Studio
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Controlling the graphic quality of your GIS and CAD drawings establishes your firm’s reputation.  Responding to the changing digital world—such as the push for building information modeling (BIM) at the site level—will continue to challenge your firm.  Choosing the right software can mean the difference between a mediocre firm and a leading firm.

Featured Speakers: Eric Gilbey, ASLA, Nemetschek North America; Madis Pihlak, ASLA, Pennsylvania State University

Friday, October 3, 3:45-5:15 pm

Essential Tree Issues:  Planting to Preservation
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Because trees are one of the major “design tools” of the landscape architect, understanding the needs of trees is essential in designing and preserving sustainable landscapes.  Tree selection, planting, preservation through construction, maintenance, new technology (air spade and structural soil, for example), and basic horticultural principles are discussed in this session.

Featured Speakers:  Richard W. Gibney, ASLA, Richard W. Gibney Landscape Architect

Four Quads and Seven Mowers Ago:  Greening the American Campus
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

If, as architect William McDonough has suggested, sustainable design is “an intelligent, creative, and hopeful stance towards the future,” then our learning landscapes must aspire to this same vision.  This session considers the role of the campus master plan in providing leadership in sustainable design.  Speakers will address the why, who, and how of weaving the visions, technologies, and innovations of the green design community into the campus master plan.

Featured Speakers:   Elizabeth S. Brien, ASLA, Olin Partnership; Chris Matthews, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.; Nancy Rottle, ASLA, University of Washington; Timothy Toland, ASLA, SUNY-ESF; Thaisa Way, Associate ASLA, University of Washington

Inside the LA Studio with Grupo de Diseño Urbano
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

The award-winning Mexico City firm will discuss the theoretical and ethical principles of the office; the varieties of scale, typologies, climates, ecologies, clients, and cultures; and how GDU approaches its projects:  The social, political, and technical characteristics of the historical park of Chapultepec; the firm’s first public project in the United States, Union Point Park, in Oakland, CA;  and the unique involvement of the local campesinos in a new project, Parque Los Itzicuaros in Michoacan, Mexico.

Featured Speakers:   Miguel Camacho; Mario G. Schjetnan, FASLA; Manuel Peniche, Grupo de Diseño Urbano

Green Walls:  Technologies, Benefits, and Design
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

This program includes a description and examples of currently available technologies and a discussion of important elements for designing with green walls.  Design team members will examine and discuss two large-scale projects, exploring the design decisions, specifications, and site requirements for success.  Installations of a variety of scales from throughout North America will be compared for benefits and design.

Featured Speakers:   Caryn Heaps, ASLA, A. Dye Design; Catherine Mahan, FASLA, Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc.; Steven Peck, Hon. ASLA, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; James Sable, greenscreen®

Professional Project Photography:  Maximizing the Shoot
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

This fast-paced discussion will explore the benefits of having a professional landscape photographer on the landscape architect’s team.  Leadership from the American Society of Media Photographers will come together to discuss selection of a photographer, rights and licensing, and realistic budgets.  Learn how to collaborate with professionals to create exceptional photography that will enhance the value of your firm’s marketing and public relations efforts.

Featured Speakers:  Fred Charles, ASMP, F Charles Photography; Chun Lai, ASMP, American Society of Media Photographers; Eugene Mopsik, ASMP, American Society of Media Photographers

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Saturday, October 4

Saturday, October 4, 11:45 am-1:15 pm

Don’t Let Green Design Cause Red Ink
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Landscape architects must respond to society’s need for projects that meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  With increasing public emphasis on sustainability in design, landscape architects face challenges to their professionalism and profitability.  This session focuses on a realistic appraisal of emerging risks and discusses skills to manage them.

Featured Speakers:  Frank Musica, Esq., Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc.

Green Area Ratio Site Metrics
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Developed for Berlin, Germany, the green area ratio (GAR) is being implemented in the United States as a performance standard to establish the minimum percentage of each property—greening targets—that must be dedicated to green infrastructure.  Hear a critical assessment of the GAR policy instrument and its U.S. implementation.

Featured Speakers:  David Bier, Futurity, Inc.; Melissa Keeley, Ph.D., Columbia University

Note:  This programming is provided courtesy of the American Planning Association.

Growing Buildings from the Land:  Collaborative Partnering with Architects
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Ted Flato of Lake|Flato Architects, recipient of the AIA Firm Award in 2004, will discuss the firm’s design philosophy and numerous successful collaborations with landscape architects.  Through its sensitive connections to the places in which it builds, Lake|Flato has designed structures that seem inseparable from their prairie, desert, bayou, and mountain sites, while demonstrating truly sustainable architecture that is low in its resource use. 

Featured Speakers:  Ted Flato, FAIA, Lake|Flato Architects

Hiring and Keeping Top Talent, Whatever the Economy
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Top talent always has choices—that's why finding and keeping the best can be difficult, regardless of the economic environment.  This session showcases current recruitment and retention practices in the architecture/engineering industry.  Some of the toughest challenges are discussed, including crafting competitive offers, creating high-retention workplaces, and ownership/leadership transition.  Best practices in recruiting and retention will allow attendees to begin immediately implementing positive change. 

Featured Speakers:  Lori Oakes-Coyne, Morrissey Goodale

Inside the LA Studio with ARTECHO
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Learn what’s behind ARTECHO, an innovative firm entering its third decade.  Specializing in residential work in California, the firm has developed concepts such as creating a house within a garden and has mastered a palette of Mediterranean plants.  ARTECHO has devised creative reuse solutions, such as transforming a loading dock to an “office garden.”

Featured Speakers:  Pamela Palmer, ASLA, Howard Rosen, ARTECHO

Inside the LA Studio with EDSA
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Passion.  Experience.  Creativity.  These three words best describe the energy, projects, international reach, and people of EDSA.  Since the firm’s inception nearly 50 years ago, EDSA professionals have dedicated themselves to creating memorable places on six continents.  The firm’s approach, design philosophy, and client relationships make it unique.  Hear from EDSA leadership on what being part of the EDSA family means to them.

Featured Speakers:  Rebecca Bradley, ASLA; Paul D. Kissinger, ASLA; Joseph J. Lalli, FASLA, EDSA

Nature + Urbanism
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Cities today produce 75 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases, and the world is in the midst of a city-building boom.  How do we accommodate this unprecedented urban population growth while increasing the sustainability of our cities?  In the twenty-first century, cities that can be both urbane and natural at the same time will succeed.  New York’s chief urban designer will describe the city’s comprehensive response and highlight other successful strategies from around the world.   

Featured Speakers:  Alexandros Washburn, Affiliate ASLA, Chief Urban Designer, City of New York

Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Supported by evidence that “greening” buildings can mitigate some of the dysfunctions of the modern urban environment, green roofs are increasingly seen as a benefit by architecture, construction, and landscape professionals.  But greenery should not stop there, as walls can be covered with vegetation to beneficial effect too.  Here we look at some inspiring examples of both green roofs and green walls, with an emphasis on plant selection.

Featured Speakers:  Nigel Dunnett and Noel Kingsbury, University of Sheffield

The Sustainable Sites Initiative:  An Overview
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

The critical role of sites and landscapes in supporting, enhancing, and regenerating ecosystem services has changed design and management best practices.  Pressing global environmental concerns, including unprecedented water and community health challenges within a new carbon economy, provide opportunities for landscape architects to play a pivotal role in developing solutions.  This session presents an overview and update of the Sustainable Sites Initiative, including a preview of the November 2008 Standards and Guidelines Draft Report.

Featured Speakers:  Jose Almiñana, ASLA, Andropogon Associates, Ltd.; Deon Glaser, ASLA, U.S. Green Building Council; Debra Guenther, ASLA, Mithun; Heather Venhaus, ASLA, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Saturday, October 4, 3:15-4:45 pm

But is it Green?  Four New Products That Will Change the Way You Think
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Can a PVC “lumber product” really have zero waste, require no maintenance, and be 100 percent recyclable?  Can an alternative on-site wastewater treatment system really transform human waste into a bacteria-free powder?  Hear a team of product experts discuss four of the most forward-thinking sustainable products on the market.

Featured Speakers:  Phillip J. Arnold, Hon. ASLA, L.M. Scofield Company; Gregg Ellery, Lumec; Scott Henderson, Green Utility Districts, LLC and Xerolet Eco-System; Kevin Jarvi , Kleer Lumber

Client Roundtable:  Architects
1.5 PDH

Architects are the third largest client group for landscape architects, and more are hiring landscape architects at the beginning of projects.  Learn what trends architects see in design and construction that will affect the landscape architecture profession.  Discover how they select and use landscape architects and how landscape design informs and improves their projects.

Featured Speakers:  Ted Flato, FAIA, Lake|Flato Architects; Abram Goodrich, Studios Architecture; Barbara Mullenex, OPX; Russ Nichols, AIA, RMW

Client Roundtable:  Mayors
1.5 PDH

Municipalities are the second largest client group for landscape architects, and mayors are their cities’ chief designers.  Learn what trends mayors see in design and construction that will affect the landscape architecture profession.  Discover how they select and use landscape architects and how landscape design informs and improves their projects.

Featured Speakers:The Hon. Sandi Bloem, Mayor of Couer d’Alene, Idaho; The Hon. Shirley Franklin, Mayor of Atlanta, GA (Invited); The Hon. Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia (Invited); Alexandros Washburn, Affiliate ASLA, Chief Urban Designer, City of New York

Complete Streets:  Shaping the Public Realm through Multi-Modal Design with Urban Transit
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

The sustainable future requires reducing our dependence on the automobile and recapturing auto-centric public spaces for other forms of transportation.  Landscape architects have a significant role in planning, designing, and advocating for development of interrelated transportation systems that meet the needs of all users.  This session focuses on proven design and planning approaches that have resulted in marked changes in the use of public space for transportation.

Featured Speakers:  Reid Ewing, University of Maryland; Jason S. Hellendrung, ASLA, Sasaki Associates; Wendy Miller, ASLA, City of Winston-Salem; Keith A. Robinson, ASLA, California Department of Transportation

Innovative Approaches to Integrating Historic and Cultural Resources into Design
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Historic and cultural resources can challenge landscape architects.  Using case studies, panelists will present innovative methods for preemptive identification and protection of historic and cultural resources, and techniques for capitalizing on and integrating historic and cultural resources into project designs and successfully navigating the State Historic Preservation Office review process.  Panelists’ work in Native American heritage protection, in the Erie Canal Corridor, and California, Texas, the Ukraine, and elsewhere will be highlighted.

Featured Speakers:  Jeffrey Chusid, Cornell University; George R. Frantz, ASLA, The Thomas Group; Marion Pressley, FASLA, Pressley Associates Inc.; Kathryn Wolf, ASLA, Trowbridge and Wolf, LLP

Inside the LA Studio with Marta Fry Landscape Associates
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Believing that the landscape is one of the most lasting forms of cultural expression, the MFLA design practice intentionally blurs boundaries between design disciplines.  Based in San Francisco, MFLA places primary importance on exploring contextualism, with many projects in redevelopment areas or urban infill sites with preexisting histories.   

Featured Speakers:  Marta Fry, ASLA, Eric Sirois, Jamie White, Marta Fry Landscape Associates

Inside the LA Studio with Andropogon Associates, Ltd.
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

The award-winning firm Andropogon Associates is a recognized leader in the field of sustainable design.  Firm members will discuss how the firm’s philosophy translates into its various projects: arboretum and botanic garden master plans; historical restorations, including the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park; and academic, corporate, and institutional projects.  Andropogon Associates has offered ecological planning and design since 1975.

Featured Speakers:  Jose M. Almiñana, ASLA, Laura Hansplant, Jacov Yaki Miodovnik, ASLA, Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

Inside the LA Studio with Mikyoung Kim
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

The prolific landscape architect Mikyoung Kim will discuss how she has blended an interest in fine arts into her work in the public and private realm, from civic gardens and municipal playgrounds to large-scale parks and institutional master plans.  Her stunning projects range from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to Seoul, South Korea.  A former chair and current professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, she will also discuss balancing practice and academics. 

Featured Speakers:  Matt Gillen; Mikyoung Kim, ASLA; William Madden

Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Supported by evidence that “greening” buildings can mitigate some of the dysfunctions of the modern urban environment, green roofs are increasingly seen as a benefit by architecture, construction, and landscape professionals.  But greenery should not stop there, as walls can be covered with vegetation to beneficial effect too.  Here we look at some inspiring examples of both green roofs and green walls, with an emphasis on plant selection.

Featured Speakers:  Nigel Dunnett and Noel Kingsbury, University of Sheffield

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Sunday, October 5

Sunday, October 5, 10:30 am-12 Noon

Advanced Green Roof Design, Construction, and Maintenance
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

This session discusses the critical path for designing, building, and maintaining a successful green roof, focusing on the important role of landscape architects.  The design discussion will include the skills and disciplines required to gather and evaluate site information, conduct a cost-benefit analysis of options, and establish a design to meet project goals.  The building portion of the program will examine practical considerations for procuring materials and constructing and maintaining a green roof. 

Featured Speakers:  Kelly F. Duke, ValleyCrest Landscape Development; Steve Skinner, American Hydrotech, Inc.; David J. Yocca, ASLA, Conservation Design Forum

Case Study:  Orange County Great Park
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Orange County (California) Great Park is one of the largest public park projects in the history of the United States.  The presentation will cover the design competition and development of the project, from master plan, schematic design, and early initiatives to a preview of the park.  Design principles, park geographies, systems, and design standards will be discussed, along with project organization.

Featured Speakers:  Mia M. Lehrer, FASLA, Mia Lehrer + Associates; Kenneth W. Smith, ASLA, Ken Smith Landscape Architect

CEO Roundtable:  Small Firm Challenges
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Find out how several prominent CEOs solve the unique challenges of managing a small firm, including financing, contracts, hiring, marketing, business development, and liability.

Featured Speakers:  Thomas R. Oslund, FASLA,; Jennifer Guthrie, ASLA, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd; Mark W. Johnson, FASLA, Civitas; Andrea C. Cochran, FASLA, Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, Gary R. Hilderbrand, FASLA, Reed Hilderbrand Associates

Inside the LA Studio with Dirtworks, PC, Landscape Architecture
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Dirtworks was founded on the belief that interaction with the natural environment is essential to health and well-being.  Early work with health care clients challenged the firm to provide fragile populations with opportunities to experience nature’s restorative qualities.  Allowing every individual to connect with nature on their own terms and at their own pace underpins all Dirtworks projects.

Featured Speakers:  Wendy Andringa, David Kamp, FASLA, Tannen Printz, Dirtworks, PC, Landscape Architecture

Media Roundtable:  National Design Critics
1.5 PDH

Design critics from leading national newspapers will discuss the trends they are seeing in planning and design, how they select topics and projects to cover, what their editorial calendars for 2009 look like, and the best way to contact them to get coverage of your news and projects.

Moderator Dean Hill, ASLA, Terratecture

Featured Speakers:  Robert Campbell, The Boston Globe; Beth Dunlop, The Miami Herald; Inga Saffron, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Native Plant Connection:  A New Look at How Landscapes Can Support Biodiversity
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Because our gardens are part of the terrestrial ecosystems that sustain humans and the life around us, we must keep them in working order.  This program will discuss the important ecological roles of the plants in our landscapes, emphasize the benefits of designing gardens with these roles in mind, and explore the consequences of failing to do so.  Gardening in this crowded world carries both moral and ecological responsibilities that we can no longer ignore.

Featured Speakers:  W. Gary Smith, ASLA, W. Gary Smith Design; Douglas W. Tallamy, University of Delaware

Play for All Abilities
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Playground accessibility goes far beyond the government-mandated wheelchair access.  This session will discuss designing playgrounds and parks for children with a wide variety of disabilities and abilities.  We’ll cover cutting-edge trends and learn to go “beyond accessibility” to create designs for your community where all children can exercise their bodies, stimulate creativity, and build social skills—together.   

Featured Speakers:  Grace E. Fielder, ASLA, G.E. Fielder & Associates, Chartered; Tiffany Harris, Shane’s Inspiration; Steven King, FASLA, Landscape Structures Inc.

Urban Design Case Study:  The Atlanta BeltLine
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

New housing, trails, retail, transit, roads, bridges, parks, and reservoirs—all planned within two miles of a growing downtown on an old abandoned railroad right of way.  Planners, designers, and engineers are working through many public meetings to build consensus for the new development that is scheduled to be built by 2030.  The BeltLine, winner of a 2007 ASLA Analysis and Planning Award, is a $3 billion project that will change Atlanta forever.

Featured Speakers:  Barbara Faga, FASLA, EDAW, Inc.; Terri Montague, Atlanta BeltLine Inc.; Catherine L. Ross, Georgia Tech-Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development; Fred Yalouris, Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

When Modernism Met Populism:  Preserving Public Modernist Landscapes
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Using several internationally renowned landscapes as case studies, we will look at the current challenges being faced by modernist public landscapes, including Lawrence Halprin’s designs at the University of California campus at Davis; Dan Kiley’s iconic Miller Garden in Columbus, Indiana, which is transitioning to public ownership; Seattle’s Freeway Park; Herbert Bayer's Earthworks in Kent, Washington; and others.

Moderator:  Charles Birnbaum, FASLA, The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Featured Speakers:  Ann Komara, University of Colorado; Rachel Lloyd, EDAW, Inc.; Brice Maryman, ASLA, SvR Design Company; Thaisa Way, ASLA, University of Washington

Sunday, October 5, 2:30-4:00 pm

CEO Roundtable:  Emerging Professionals -Special program for students and young professionals
1.5 PDH

New landscape architecture professionals face numerous challenges upon entering the workforce.  This discussion will explore whether their expectations have been met, if the profession is living up to the values that attracted them in the first place, if their studies adequately prepared them for their professional life, the types of training they have received on the job, and what advice they would give to other young professionals.

Featured Speakers:  Michael Albert, Associate ASLA, Design Workshop; Christina Campa, Reed Hilderbrand Associates; Nicholas Dunaske, Civitas; Joseph J. Lalli, FASLA, EDSA; Trevor Lee, Olin Partnership Ltd.; Ruth Stafford, Associate ASLA, WRT; Paul Weinberg, ASLA,EDSA.

Implementing Sustainable Stormwater Management:  Lessons Learned from Ten Years of Collaboration
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Successfully implementing sustainable stormwater management practices can be challenging, with many hurdles throughout the design process.  Olin Partnership in Philadelphia and Nitsch Engineering in Boston have worked together over the last 10 years on numerous projects and have developed a collaborative approach that has helped anticipate and overcome many of these difficulties.  This session presents specific examples of lessons learned from several projects of varying complexity and scale.

Featured Speakers:  Earl H. Graffam Jr., ASLA, Olin Partnership; Judy Nitsch, Nitsch Engineering, Inc. 

Inside the LA Studio with Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Nelson Byrd Woltz is a 25-person, award-winning firm with studios in Charlottesville, Virginia, and New York City.  Its work ranges from the residential garden to several-thousand-acre planning projects.  A substantial portfolio of domestic work has led to projects in China, Russia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.  Its current work includes a public sculpture garden in St. Louis, the Flight 93 Memorial (with Paul Murdoch Architects), and a 4,000-acre landscape restoration project in New Zealand

Featured Speakers:  Warren T. Byrd, FASLA, Thomas Woltz, ASLA, Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Inside the LA Studio with Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd.
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

The firm of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol in Seattle believes in cross-disciplinary collaboration to realize sensuous landscapes for diverse and ever-changing activities.  With an extensive portfolio of high-profile clients, firm members will discuss designs that express the sculptural qualities of the site-specific cultural landscape. 

Featured Speakers:  Jennifer Guthrie, ASLA, Shannon R. Nichol, ASLA, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd.

Integrating Water Features in Your Design:  Achieving a Natural Look
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Aquatic environments are part art, part science.  This session covers all you should know to better integrate, design, and specify water features for residential, commercial, and public spaces.  Learn design fundamentals for living water features, ponds, and waterfalls—plus the importance of proper sizing, shaping, and placement for maximum effect.  Understand how to create self-sustaining, natural ecosystems that attract wildlife; construction and maintenance basics; how to use aquatic plants; and how to work with contractors.

Featured Speakers:  Chris Brown, ASLA, Canin Associates; David B. Duensing, Affiliate ASLA, David B. Duensing & Associates

Landscape Urbanism and Metropolitan Design
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Contemplate emerging urban design ideas that embrace the immense changes evident in the twenty-first century American city, especially the reality of an extensive, loose landscape interwoven with highways, fields, industrial areas, and large-scale users.  Consider large-scale reclamation projects and small-scale restoration projects that incorporate both landscape and buildings.

Featured Speakers:  James Corner, ASLA, Field Operations and University of Pennsylvania; Nina Marie E. Lister, Ryerson University; Chris Reed, ASLA, StoSS; Brenda Case Scheer AIA, AICP, University of Utah; Frederick R. Steiner, FASLA, University of Texas at Austin; Charles Waldheim, University of Toronto

Note:  This programming is provided courtesy of the American Planning Association.

Persian and Islamic Influence in Contemporary Design
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

The typical Islamic garden was a walled rectangular space with a shaded sitting area at one end, a water feature, and flowering, fragrant plants.  These elements are the same ones found today in many American gardens, both urban and suburban—though we tend to think of them as Hispanic in tradition.  This session explores how these traditional design elements can be used in new ways to create spaces that are hospitable, restful, and ecologically responsible.

Featured Speakers:  Sarah S. Boasberg, Hon. ASLA, Sarah Boasberg Landscape Design; Ken Druse, Ken Druse Design Studio; Kathryn Gleason, Cornell University; W. Gary Smith, ASLA, W. Gary Smith Design

Recasting Cities:  Green Infrastructure and the Arts in the New Civic Landscape
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Trenton, New Jersey, are the settings for these back-to-back case studies.  Both of these waterfront projects provide site-specific landscape solutions and revitalize the communities they serve.  The designers will discuss their focus on bringing arts heritage into relief.

Featured Speakers:  Sally Lane, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Marion Pressley, FASLA, Pressley Associates, Inc.; Lisa Schroeder, Riverlife Task Force; Eric Tamulonis, ASLA, WRT

The Sustainable Sites Initiative:  Soils and Vegetation
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

This session will present an overview of the Soils and Vegetation section of the Sustainable Sites Initiative’s Draft Standards and Guidelines, which will be published in November 2008.  Learn more about this innovative rating tool as panelists present performance benchmarks, specific credits, and case studies, and discuss the issues that have informed their work. 

Featured Speakers:  Nina Bassuk, Cornell University; James R. Urban, FASLA, Urban Trees + Soils

Sunday, October 5, 4:15-5:45 pm

Artful Rainwater Design:  Creative Strategies to Transform Stormwater Management Into Rainwater Amenity
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Artful rainwater design celebrates rainwater and presents a timely opportunity for landscape architects to intertwine hydrological stewardship with significant placemaking.  Grounded in a qualitative case study of 20 recognized rainwater-focused projects nationwide, this session presents specific design examples and techniques to transform stormwater management into experientially rich, artful rainwater design.  Additional follow-up and case study information is provided at

Featured Speakers:  Stuart P. Echols, Pennsylvania State University; Eliza Pennypacker, ASLA, Pennsylvania State University

CEO Roundtable: Global Business Update
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

After a long period of growth and prosperity, firms must adapt to a marketplace influenced by world events, a wavering economy, client reorganizations, new funding programs, and technology advances. This session will provide an update of the current business trends and major issues facing the profession. Top industry leaders will discuss the state of the profession, the current market drivers, and what they are doing to manage their companies for the near and long terms

Featured Speakers: Joseph E. Brown, FASLA, EDAW; Peter Walker, FASLA, PWP Landscape Architecture; Lucinda Sanders, ASLA, Olin Partnership; Kevin Shanley, FASLA, SWA Group; Joe Healy, AIA, WRT

Conceptual Terrain Modeling with Google SketchUp
Intermediate and Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Google SketchUp Pro has empowered landscape architects to work in 3-D.  With its easy-to-learn interface, SketchUp Pro permits rapid 3-D modeling and visualization, which has made it a staple in many design firms.  SketchUp Pro allows landscape architects to express grading and landform that fit into the overall design narrative.  This session will review the powerful tools within SketchUp Pro to model conceptual grading and other complex forms.

Featured Speakers:  Chris Dizon, Google Inc.; Daniel Tal, Landscape Architect RNL

Note:  To maximize your learning experience for this session, we strongly recommend that you bring your fully charged laptop, loaded with a current version of SketchUp

Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

The May 2007 edition of Landscape Architecture magazine shone a light on a growing movement toward design/build project delivery.  This movement has seen increases in the volume of work, the variety of projects, the diversity of clients, and the proliferation of different business models.  This session will look at three different firms with three different perspectives on design/build.  The panel will discuss emerging trends within the design and construction professions as they relate to design/build. 

Featured Speakers:  Thomas Donnelly, ValleyCrest Landscape Development; Ben Dozier, Affiliate ASLA, Root Design Company; Robert B. Tilson, FASLA, Tilson Group

Green Infrastructure, Climate Change, Smart Growth, and Sustainability:  An International Perspective
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Green infrastructure is composed of critical landscape patterns that are strategically identified and planned to secure ecosystems services essential for sustaining human society.  Experts from Asia, Europe, and the United States will discuss theory, methods, and case studies of green infrastructure as an adaptive strategy for addressing climate change and as a tool for smart growth and sustainable landscape planning and design.

Featured Speakers:   Jack Ahern, FASLA, University of Massachusetts; Dihua Li, Peking University; Antje Stokman, Leibniz University Hanover; Makoto Yokohari, The University of Tokyo; Kongjian Yu, International ASLA, Turenscape

Healthy Trees and Soils
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Landscape architects control the factors that make or break the long-term success of trees in designed landscapes.  Panelists will discuss the proper preparation of soil and the site for the future growth of large trees; how specifications and nursery selection affect the arborist’s ability to manage trees; and how to incorporate these principles into the award-winning landscape designs. 

Featured Speakers:  Peter L. Schaudt, FASLA, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects; James R. Urban, FASLA, Urban Trees + Soils; Daniel van Starrenburg, SavATree

Inside the LA Studio with Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Cornelia Oberlander is the subject of The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s most recent oral history effort.  Oberlander recently recounted her six decades of practice—from her early work with Walter Gropius and James Rose, Dan Kiley, and Lou Kahn, to celebrated projects with architect Arthur Erickson—and her pioneering work with green roofs.  This session will open with a premiere of the rough cuts from a recent videotaping in Vancouver.

Moderator:  Charles Birnbaum, FASLA, The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Featured Speakers:  Cornelia H. Oberlander, FASLA, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander

Inside the LA Studio with Civitas
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

This creative collaborative founded 25 years ago will share its design philosophy that has reshaped urban communities and environments through horticulture and programmatic orientation.  Projects by Civitas can be found in hub cities throughout the United States

Featured Speakers:  Mark W. Johnson, FASLA, Isabelle Matteson, Todd Mead, ASLA, Civitas

National Capitol Framework Plan
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

The National Capital Framework Plan, a product of the National Capital Planning Commission and the Commission of Fine Arts, will extend the special civic qualities of the National Mall and the vitality and vibrancy of the capital city into the federal office precincts located between the two.  The Framework Plan creates public destinations worthy of memorials and museums to serve our future generations while protecting the historic open space of the National Mall.

Featured Speakers: Marcel Acosta, National Capitol Planning Commission; Alan Harwood, EDAW; Thomas Luebke, U.S. Commission of Fine Arts; Elizabeth Miller, ASLA, National Capital Planning Commission

The Sustainable Sites Initiative:  Materials, Human Health and Well-Being
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

This session presents an overview of the Materials and Human Health and Well-Being section of the Sustainable Sites Initiative’s Draft Standards and Guidelines, which will be published in November 2008.  Learn more about this innovative rating tool as panelists present performance benchmarks, specific credits, and case studies, and discuss the issues that have informed their work. 

Featured Speakers:  Meg Calkins, ASLA, Ball State University; Karen R. Nikolai, Hennepin County, Community Design Liaison; Robert Ryan, ASLA, University of Massachusetts; Jean Schwab, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Monday, October 6

Monday, October 6, 8:00-9:30 am

Explore and Present Your 3D designs with Google SketchUp Pro
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

In this hands-on learning session, we’ll explore the basic concepts of Google SketchUp as it relates to the practice of landscape architecture.  Google SketchUp is an intuitive 3-D modeling program that you can use to refine, visualize, and present your ideas quickly and efficiently.  Available in six languages and used by professionals all over the world, Google SketchUp is fast becoming a standard part of every landscape architect's digital tool kit. 

Featured Speakers:  Joshua Reilly, Google Design, Inc.

Note:  To maximize your learning experience for this session, we strongly recommend that you bring your fully charged laptop, loaded with a current version of SketchUp.

Greening Commercial Development:  Lessons in the Economics of Sustainable Design
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

National trends demonstrate that commercial developers are beginning to recognize the economic potential of sustainable design.  Liberty Property Trust, a Pennsylvania-based real estate investment trust, has been called “the poster child for green commercial development” by the U.S. Green Building Council.  A panel of landscape architects and Liberty leaders will share values, process, and projects that reveal how sustainable design makes economic sense.

Featured Speakers:  John Gattuso, ASLA, Liberty Property Trust; Todd Johnson, FASLA, Design Workshop; Daniel R. Jones, FASLA, Pennsylvania State University; Jim Lutz, Liberty Property Trust

Inside the LA Studio with Olin Partnership
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

For more than 30 years, OLIN has emphasized environmental, social, and economic sustainability to create timeless spaces that promote interaction among diverse people.  Through analysis and research, each project is approached as an opportunity to celebrate the site’s unique history, ecology, and community.  In this session, leaders of the OLIN studio will provide insight into the theory and process behind key projects; share their passion for the profession and ambitions for the future. 

Featured Speakers:  Hallie Boyce, David Rubin, ASLA, Lucinda R. Sanders, ASLA, Olin Partnership

Inside the LA Studio with Janet Rosenberg + Associates
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

In practice for more than 25 years, Rosenberg was one of the first women in Canada to enter the profession of landscape architecture.  She will discuss her firm’s projects throughout Canada, including HtO, an urban beach at Toronto’s waterfront; Town Hall Square in the heart of Yorkville; and the Devonian Gardens, an indoor park in Calgary

Featured Speakers:  Stefano Giannini, Janet Rosenberg, ASLA, Wayne Swanton, Janet Rosenberg + Associates

Integrating Sustainable Stormwater Management in Urban Design
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Join an award-winning national leader in green street design to explore innovative and sustainable—and often amazingly simple and affordable—techniques for managing urban stormwater runoff.  Many of Portland’s most prominent green street and urban rain garden projects will be highlighted.

Featured Speakers:  Kevin R. Perry, ASLA, Nevue Ngan Associates

Media Roundtable:  Design Industry Magazines
1.5 PDH

Representatives from key industry media will discuss the trends they are seeing in planning and design, how they select topics and projects to cover, what their editorial calendars for 2009 look like, and the best way to contact them to get coverage of your news and projects.

Moderator:  Dean Hill, ASLA, Terratecture

Featured Speakers:  Ned Cramer, Architect; Robert Ivy, FAIA, Architectural Record; Kristina Kessler, Urban Land; Jane Kolleeny, GreenSource; Sylvia Lewis, Planning; Bill Thompson, FASLA, Landscape Architecture

Sustainable Practice in China
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

China, the biggest and fastest-developing country in the world, is experiencing the most severe environmental issues in history.  It is not only China’s issue, but the world’s.  As landscape architects, what is our role and responsibility in the process of China’s sustainable development?  Some pioneer landscape designers, Chinese and international, will share their knowledge and experience by presenting their sustainability practice cases from China.

Featured Speakers:  Jie Hu, ASLA, Institute of Landscape at Qinghua University; Kevin Shanley, FASLA, SWA Group; Kongjian Yu, International ASLA, Turenscape; Ding Yuan, ASLA, Oversea Chinese Landscape Architect Association

The Sustainable Sites Initiative:  Hydrology
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

This session presents an overview of the Hydrology section of the Sustainable Sites Initiative’s Draft Standards and Guidelines, which will be published in November 2008.  Learn more about this innovative rating tool as panelists present performance benchmarks, specific credits, and case studies, and discuss the issues that have informed their work. 

Featured Speakers:  Tom Liptan, ASLA, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services; David Yocca, ASLA, Conservation Design Forum

Wet and Wild:  Critical Points to Consider on Your Next Water Feature
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

In this session, industry professionals from the design community, contracting, and the maintenance supply arenas will discuss how critical components of water features can be easily incorporated into your next project to facilitate contractor installations while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Featured Speakers:   David Duensing, Affiliate ASLA, David B. Duensing and Associates; Michael Garcia, Enviroscape, Inc.; Mark Krupka, Ecological Laboratories, Inc.; Mark Munley, Affiliate ASLA, Firestone Specialty Products

Monday, October 6, 9:45-11:15 am 

Best Business Practices and Client Relations in the Residential Market
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Landscape architects who work in the residential realm understand and appreciate the complexities of working with this clientele and market.  Panel members will share their approach for successful business relationships with home owners and how their experiences have helped them develop these positive practices.

Featured Speakers:  James Burnett, FASLA, Office of James Burnett; Jeffrey K. Carbo, FASLA, Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects; Dean Hill, ASLA, Terratecture; Kris M. Horiuchi, ASLA, Horiuchi Solien, Inc.; Ryan Kettelkamp, ASLA, Kettelkamp Landscape Architects

Case Study:  Restoring the LA River
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

This session will discuss the award-winning Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, which aims to transform 32 miles of concrete-lined river into public green space in the heart of one of America’s most populated cities.  Key civic leaders have joined forces to fund a visionary and technical effort to transform the river channel into a source of socioeconomic revitalization and take a crucial step in gaining environmental health for the Los Angeles basin. 

Featured Speakers:  Mark W. Johnson, FASLA, Civitas; Mia M. Lehrer, FASLA, Mia Lehrer + Associates; William E. Wenk, FASLA, Wenk Associates

Inside the LA Studio with Turenscape
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Based in China, Turenscape is an internationally awarded firm with a multidisciplinary team in landscape architecture and urbanism.  Working with a land continuously threatened by natural disasters, and serving a community with meager resources and an ever-degrading environment, Turenscape addresses such big issues as food production, flood control, and urbanization.  This session will explore Turenscape’s award-winning solutions to rebuild a new Land of Harmony.

Featured Speakers:  Sun Peng, Peng De Sheng, Hong Wei, Kongjian Yu, International ASLA, Turenscape

New Trends and Techniques in Urban Retail Planning and Development
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

There has never been a better time for municipalities or developers to build mixed-use communities.  American shoppers and retailers have become tired of enclosed malls and are seeking open-air settings.  Yet many recent efforts to revitalize downtowns or build new centers have failed because the adopted design recommendations are detrimental to modern commerce.  This seminar will examine the retail design principles used by premier developers and illustrate how landscape architects can successfully apply them.

Featured Speakers:  Robert J. Gibbs, ASLA, Gibbs Planning Group, Inc.

Planting Through the Seasons
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Are you tired of using the same plants yet again?  What foliage plants will really work in containers?  What plants will thrive even in dry shade?  What are some different tough plants for public spaces?  This panel will introduce you to a number of ways to enrich your plant palette and bring richness, texture, and variety to your gardens without requiring intensive maintenance.

Featured Speakers:  Sarah Boasberg, Hon. ASLA, Sarah Boasberg Landscape Design; J. Blaine Bonham Jr., Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; Dan Benarcik, Chanticleer Garden, Ken Druse, Ken Druse Design Studio; W. Gary Smith, ASLA, W. Gary Smith Design

Play for All Ages
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

The fun, health, and social benefits of play don’t end with childhood! This session will focus on innovative multigenerational parks and playgrounds where people of all ages can play and be active together.  We’ll discuss the importance of designing parks and playgrounds for all ages—from toddlers to active seniors—and the critical role landscape architects play in creating healthier kids, families, and communities. 

Featured Speakers:  Corly Brooke, Iowa State University; Harry E. Caine, Lions Wellness Park; Steven King, FASLA, Landscape Structures Inc.; Daryl Page, Trinity Western University

Realizing Sustainable Soils:  The Hardball Politics of Designed Soils
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Soils are an integral part of a site’s infrastructure, affecting planting success, stormwater management, and long-term sustainability.  Manufactured soils offer great rewards, but successfully designing, specifying, and realizing them—as well as justifying them to owners and regulators when most people just see dirt—is the real challenge.  This is a panel not about science, but about politics.  How can landscape architects successfully integrate designed soils into a project from beginning to end?

Featured Speakers:  Jeffrey L. Bruce, FASLA, Jeffrey L. Bruce and Company; Eric F. Kramer, ASLA, Reed Hilderbrand Associates; Laura Solano, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates; John Swallow, Pine and Swallow Associates

Selecting An Office Software Palette:  Maximizing the Benefit Without Breaking the Bank
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

For landscape architecture firms, choosing an appropriate suite of software applications can be a very challenging task.  The bewildering array of choices and the amount of time required to research, purchase, configure, implement, and maintain the software can be challenging.  This session will take a candid look at the overall process, cost, and time requirement for integrating software into an office, with particular emphasis on the challenges faced by small to mid-size firms.

Featured Speakers:  Earl H. Graffam Jr., ASLA, Olin Partnership; Chris Hanley, Olin Partnership

Vision for Downtown:  Dynamic Streetscapes and Public Spaces
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

As urban downtowns continue to experience revitalization and suburban “lifestyle centers” draw crowds, streetscape design plays an increasingly important role.  This session will share lessons learned from experiences at the heart of Chicago’s transformation into a “city in a garden” to present compelling examples of streetscapes and public spaces infused with bold horticulture and design.  The presentation will examine the roles of public–private partnerships, urban scale, horticulture, and landscape architects in successful public spaces.

Featured Speakers:  Douglas E. Hoerr, FASLA, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architecture

Monday, October 6, 11:30 am-1:00 pm

Black and Green:  Dynamic Balance in Transportation Corridor Planning and Design
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Focusing on an environment experienced by all—the highway system—leading transportation landscape architects will present examples of innovative and successful corridor planning and design, highlighting the role of the landscape architect in defining, developing, and implementing successful projects in a highly contentious realm.  Learn how landscape architects are bringing together engineers, planners, local agencies, and the public to create well-designed systems that meet stakeholder needs.

Featured Speakers:  Scott Bradley, FASLA, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Craig Churchward, ASLA, HNTB Corporation; Keith A. Robinson, ASLA, California Department of Transportation

Inside the LA Studio with Mia Lehrer + Associates
One Firm—Two Women—10 Years—A City of Four Million
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

At ML+A community, sustainability and design innovation work together.  Los Angeles is a city known for reinvention and contradiction.  The firm creates personal paradises in one of the most park-poor cities in the country, which lived in denial of a 32-mile-long river.  Can one firm change the tide of open-space history?  Come find out.

Featured Speakers:  Jae Uck Ahn, Hong Joo Kim, Esther Margulies, ASLA, Mia Lehrer + Associates

Media Roundtable:  Consumer Home and Garden Magazines
1.5 PDH

Representatives from consumer publications will discuss the trends they are seeing in planning and design, how they select topics and projects to cover, what their editorial calendars for 2009 look like, and the best way to contact them to get coverage of your news and projects.

Moderator:  Dean Hill, ASLA, Terratecture

Featured Speakers:  Jenny Andrews, Garden Design; Kate Karam, Cottage Living; Eric Liskey, Better Homes & Gardens; Arricca SanSone, Contributor, Cooking Light

Opera on a Grand Scale:  The Experience of Tokyo DisneySea and Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Landscape architects play a significant role in the design of a Disney theme park.  Through a photographic tour of two recently built Disney parks during design and construction phases, we will see ways in which Disney landscape architectural practice is the same as any other landscape practice, as well as ways in which it is unique.

Featured Speakers:  John T. Shields, ASLA, Walt Disney Imagineering; John Sorenson, ASLA, Walt Disney Imagineering

Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster:  Lessons from Katrina
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

Hurricane Katrina was by all accounts a physical and social disaster.  Had the engineering and design issues been solved earlier, would the outcome have been different?  Can we restore the old New Orleans and Gulf Coast?  And what did we learn to prevent another Katrina aftermath?  The panel will discuss the outcome and the book, Rebuilding Urban Places after Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina (University of Pennsylvania Press).

Featured Speakers:  Richard Campanella, Tulane University; Barbara Faga, FASLA, EDAW, Inc.; James L. Sipes, ASLA, Sandy County Studios; Isabelle Thomas-Maret, University of Montreal; Robert D. Yaro, Regional Plan Association

Return of the Natives:  Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Protection at Fresh Pond
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Fresh Pond Reservation is one of metropolitan Boston’s premier public open spaces.  Originally designed by Olmsted and Eliot, the reservation surrounds Fresh Pond Reservoir, the terminus of the city of Cambridge’s water supply.  Featuring the extensive reuse of on-site vegetation and soils, the Northeast Sector project protects water quality and restores native biodiversity within this heavily used urban wild.  The project aggressively fulfills the city’s Fresh Pond Master Plan stewardship recommendations.

Featured Speakers:  John N. Amodeo, ASLA, Carol R. Johnson Associates; Thomas S. Benjamin, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

Sustainable Community Alliances:  Getting Green Done
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

How can you take the initiative to transform your city’s green infrastructure?  How can run-down parks be restored?  How can vacant lots become gardens and gathering spots for a neighborhood?  What can be done to improve streetscapes, both residential and commercial?  Learn about several different approaches, including funding from private foundations and nonprofits, conservancies that attract members, community groups, and national advocacy organizations.

Featured Speakers:  Drew Becher, New York Restoration Project; Sarah S. Boasberg, Hon. ASLA, Sarah Boasberg Landscape Design; Meg Cheever, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy; Joan M. Reilly, Philadelphia Green

The Future of Municipal Stormwater Management in the U.S.
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

This session will share the stories of U.S. cities that are leading the way with policies and regulations that break down barriers and provide incentives for implementing innovative stormwater management practices.  Chicago's Green Alley Program, Lenexa’s (Kansas) land acquisition program, and Philadelphia's new stormwater fee are institutionalizing greener methods for handling stormwater runoff in urban areas. 

Featured Speakers:  , Philadelphia Water Department; Michael Beezhold, City of Lenexa, Kansas; Abby Hall, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Tom Liptan, ASLA, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

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Tuesday, October 7

Tuesday, October 7, 8:00-9:30 am

Balancing Good Business and Good Design in the Residential Market
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

The implications of successful business practices are often at odds with thoughtful, responsible, and innovative design solutions.  These panel members have successfully integrated business demands and good design, and they will discuss the challenges and their firms’ successful strategies.

Featured Speakers:  Warren T. Byrd, FASLA, Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects; Mary Ellen Cowan, ASLA, MESA; Dean Hill, ASLA, Terratecture; Douglas P. Reed, FASLA, Reed Hilderbrand Associates; Jim Verdone, ASLA, VLA, Inc.

Inside the LA Studio with Mithun
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

A steward of the environment for nearly 60 years, Mithun has focused on resource efficiency, urban redevelopment, and sustainable design.  This firm continually produces inspiring places that where social and ecological interests converge.  Mithun’s diverse portfolio includes the sustainable master plan for Seattle University's downtown campus, the integrated resource management strategy for a 35-block urban neighborhood in Portland, and one of the nation’s first sustainable business parks for clean technology. 

Featured Speakers:  Bert Gregory, FAIA, Debra Guenther, ASLA, T. Frick McNamara, ASLA, Mithun

Louisiana Speaks:  Three Years After Katrina and Rita
Intermediate, 1.5 PDH

The Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan is South Louisiana's long-term response to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Unveiled in May 2007, the plan provides strategies for Louisiana to recover sustainably, grow smarter, and think regionally. Learn about the plan’s unique public outreach component, its implementation—from policy initiatives to local planning and design, and how the recovery has played an integral role in transforming how Louisiana’s communities perceive the profession of landscape architecture.

Featured Speakers:  Dana Brown, ASLA, Brown+Danos landdesign, inc.; Robin Rather, Collective Strength; Elizabeth F. Thomas, ASLA, Center for Planning Excellence

Tuesday, October 7, 9:45-11:15 am

Integrating Sustainable Stormwater Management in Urban Design
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Join an award-winning national leader in green street design to explore innovative and sustainable—and often amazingly simple and affordable—techniques for managing urban stormwater runoff.  Many of Portland’s most prominent green street and urban rain garden projects will be highlighted.

Featured Speaker:  Kevin R. Perry, ASLA, Nevue Ngan Associates

Reducing Stormwater Costs through Low Impact Development Strategies and Practices
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

In addition to the environmental benefits, low-impact development (LID) techniques have several ancillary benefits: improved aesthetics, expanded recreational opportunities, increased property values, more units developed, increased marketing potential, and faster sales.  In terms of costs, LID techniques can reduce the amount of materials needed for paving roads and driveways and for installing curbs and gutters.

Featured SpeakerDov Weitman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Wellness By Design:  Applying Health Impact Assessments to Community Planning and Design Projects
Advanced, 1.5 PDH

Although promoting public health through community planning is a leading concern today, there is no single authoritative methodology for assessing the likely health impacts of a given plan or design.  New health impact assessment tools based on scientific research and on-the-ground experience are evolving to help.  Learn what tools exist, how they can be applied effectively, and where gaps still exist in the types of tools available.

Featured Speakers: Martha J. Droge, ASLA, Mithun; Matthew Ridgeway, Fehr and Peers Transportation Consultants; Chris Saleeba, ASLA, Mithun; Barbara Wright, Seattle and King County Public Health

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