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2002 ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO
San Jose, California


Wish you were there!

Dear Friends and Colleagures,

As we close the book on our annual meeting in San Jose I want to again say how much I appreciate all of the work that went into planning, organizing and delivering the event. From the leadership of our program planning committee, co-chaired by Patrick Caughey and Carol Whipple, the on-site efforts of the Northern California chapter, to the overall magic provided by our ASLA meeting staff, this was a great event.

We had a wonderful location, a great program, some truly outstanding keynote speakers and education sessions, enlightening tours, our biggest expo ever, a festive Gala and other fun special events - who could ask for more! It was great to see and hear the enthusiastic response of those in attendance to the general assembly presentations. I will long remember the impassioned speech by Robert Kennedy, Jr., Gerry Hirschberg's design insights and the almost spiritual quality of Courtney Milne's beautiful work.

As we look ahead to the New Year and new challenges, I hope that you will be able to draw on information gathered, contacts made and lessons learned in San Jose. And I hope that you will continue to be actively involved in ASLA and landscape architecture issues.

This was a special meeting for me and I appreciate those of you who made an effort to attend. I look forward to seeing you again in New Orleans!

Sincerely, Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
Past President

Friday, October 18, 2002

Although the BOT, the ExCom, and the Chapter Presidents Council have been hard at work for most of the week, most ASLA members arrived in San Jose on Friday. For a glimpse of events earlier this week and images from the newcomer and alumni receptions, click on the link below.

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Saturday, October 19,2002

This was a busy--Jerry Hirshberg, author of The Creative Imperative, was very well received at the opening general. Ed sessions were crowed and the Professional Interest Group networking opportunity proved attractive to many, and ASLA awards were granted with all due ceremony. Meanwhile, the EXPO floor was under construction. ASLA biggest EXPO ever, it will open for the first time today. The Gala at the Mexican Heritage Plaza capped off a fun, if sometimes hectic, day. Click on link below to see images from the party.

Photos page 2

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Courtney Milne opened the General Session in the Civic Auditorium. After that visually and mentally stimulating presentation, a band led the way to the grand opening of the EXPO. From 10:00 until well into the afternoon, we roamed the floor watching skate board equipment demos, and admiring planters, pavers, and the latest in play equipment. On the EXPO floor for the first time, the ASLA bookstore was doing a brisk business. A large crowd attended the Fellows' luncheon and, as always, the Fellows' Investiture was a beautiful and very special evening. Click on the link below to view images.

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Monday, October 21, 2002

By Monday, everyone is tired, but the show must go on! Visits to the EXPO floor took up much of the day, and the closing general session was well attended. Inspiring remarks by by keynote speaker Robert Kennedy, Jr., were extremely well received. Afterward, ASLA conducted Society business, installing Paul Morris, FASLA, as President. Tables at the closing banquet were crowded, and a happy crowd looked on as the Society's highest honors were distributed by out-going President Swink. To see photos of the events, click on the link below.

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