LARE Prep Resources

The CLARB website offers a number of exam resources to help candidates better understand what to expect on each section of the LARE.   If you have a specific question about the LARE process or procedures contact CLARB at

Resources include:  

  • Exam specifications for each section of the LARE. 
  • Study reference list
  • LARE Orientation Guide
  • Video that provides orientation to the testing centers
  • Video describing the LARE, including a preview of all item types  
  • Sample Tests (in development)

Sample Vignettes and other ASLA tools are available.  While vignette problems will no longer appear on the exam in this format, the advanced item types will still require candidates to perform these tasks, making the sample vignettes a useful preparation tool.

For LARE prep review sessions, see the ASLA LARE prep webpage.  In addition to future sessions, the site lists archived sessions because many chapters provide a similar review session each year.  If there is not a class scheduled, candidates may want to contact a chapter that has provided a session in the past to find out if another is planned.