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City Planners Are Increasingly Aware of Health Benefits of Clean, Living Landscapes
The Washington Post
“‘They didn’t have the science behind it that we do now,’ says Nancy Somerville, chief executive of the American Society of Landscape Architects, which has embraced the tenets of healthy design as fundamental to its mission.”

Creating Resilience Against Natural Disaster
Al Jazeera America
“Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rebuild competition involved 200 engineers, scientists, architects, landscape architects, real estate experts, and planners.”

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Robbins Residents Dig in Against Proposed Quarry
Chicago Tribune
“Jim Louthen, a landscape architect and original developer of the quarry project, helped design a Metra station in Robbins in the early 2000s. His professional focus has shifted over the years to tackling a tricky problem: helping struggling communities redevelop.”

A New Norm for a Flood-Devastated Community
Environmental Design + Construction
Landscape architect and civil engineer friends are helping me out. Moving forward, renewable power is going to be a must.”

State Uses Roadsides to Push Wildflowers
Miami Herald
“Even though there had been a few previous attempts to promote roadside wildflowers, roadside vegetation ‘had never been seen by the department as a benefit,’ said state transportation landscape architect Jeff Caster.”

As Dallas PD Looks for Ways to Keep Trinity River Safe, It Might Want to Consult Five-Year-Old Design Guidelines
Dallas Morning News
“But as a friend of the show pointed out on Facebook last night, this shouldn't have caught anyone by surprise: Several pages of Wallace Roberts & Todd's award-winning Trinity River Corridor Design Guidelines deal with safety and security—specifically, the chapter titled ‘Safety and Security.’ And, per the American Society of Landscape Architects’ judges, ‘In arriving at this approach, the design team availed itself with the expertise of recognized park maintenance, operations, and security consultants.’”

100 Jobs That Will Get You Out of Bed Every Morning
Business Insider
“53. Landscape architect. It's pretty hard to improve upon nature in most cases, but landscape architects find creative ways to build on, into, and around land to better preserve, display, and borrow from it. This is a fun job for someone who is creative and passionate about nature and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. Average salary: $61,000 (May 2014).”

Best Home Improvement Projects to Boost Resale Value
Denver Post
“Outdoor living spaces are in high demand for homeowners, with a 92 percent popularity rating, according to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects.”

Yellowstone Officials Trying to Compost More Waste
San Francisco Chronicle (via Associated Press)
“Yellowstone officials are trying to compost more of the waste produced by the national park’s employees. Lynn Chan, a landscape architect for the National Park Service and head of the Yellowstone green team, tells The Casper Star-Tribune the 3,000 or so employees living and working in Yellowstone each summer create most of the waste hauled from the park each year.”

Tranquility in Green
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser
“A new Garden of Remembrance, recently installed on the Diamond Head side of the visitor center, aims to ease that problem while offering another tranquil feature to the 200-acre tropical rain forest. ‘You can’t go wrong with the mountains as a backdrop,’ said noted landscape architect Stephen Haus, who spearheaded the project.”

Open and Shut Case: Choosing and Hanging Shutters
San Francisco Chronicle
“Although glass and screens have eliminated the practical need for shutters, they’re still popular for decoration. ‘They add another layer of thoughtful detailing to a house,’ says Ted Cleary, a landscape architect in Charlotte, N.C.”

Somerville Brewers Tap into the Local Flavors
Boston Globe
“Cambridge Brewing Co. has taken the local movement to an innovative level, melding Japanese knotweed plants, an invasive species that reportedly was introduced to this country by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. The result is the cleverly named, though disappointingly bland, Olmsted’s Folly beer.”

ASLA’s Chinatown Green Streets Demonstration Project to Help D.C. Become Nation’s Greenest City
Commercial Property Executive
“The American Society of Landscape Architects is greening the District’s streets. Well, not all of them, just the ones surrounding its headquarters, in Chinatown.”

Human-Nature Link Guides Landscape Architect Paul Neundorfer
San Francisco Chronicle
“After starting out as an engineering student, Paul Neundorfer shifted into landscape architecture a few years into his college career, and he hasn’t looked back.”

Midtown Social Picks Up the Beat
San Francisco Chronicle
“Hendrix, who casts a striking image onstage with her 6-inch heels and 2-inch Afro wig adding more than an extra half foot to her 5-foot-8 frame, manages the customer service department at a beverage company. Joseph is a landscape architect. Julia and percussionist Adam Rubinger work as waiters in different restaurants.”

Why Ukraine's Separatist Movement Failed in Kharkiv
The New Republic Online
“The ‘Committee for Popular Accord’ is organized with cell-type structure; only the leaders of subgroups ever speak to one another. The central figure in the Committee is a former landscape architect who styles himself ‘Horus.’”

10 Best: Surprises About Central Park
USA Today
“Here are a few surprises you might not know about this iconic American haven designed by the late, extraordinary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.”

Well Defined
Architectural Digest
“Explains Jeremy, ‘We basically looked at it as, What can we do with this site?’ To help resolve that question, the Parfits turned to Brian Sawyer and John Berson, principals of the New York City architecture, landscape architecture, and interiors firm Sawyer | Berson.”

Crain’s Analysis: Why One Suburban Development Soared, and the Other Staggered
Crain’s Chicago Business
“Alex Slabashevich, Sasha Kreminskaya, and their son Gleb have it to themselves on a quiet Thursday evening. Of course, over at Fort Sheridan, there are no such worries. If you drive past the stone gateposts that flank the entrance on Ossian Simonds Way, named for the landscape architect who laid out the original Fort Sheridan grounds, you’ll find a gas station and a Starbucks.

Urban Gardening with 3,000 Acres
ABC Online
“Image: Developer Jeff Provan, from Neometro, with landscape architect Kate Dundas from 3000 Acres.”

Building a Pool Is Just the Beginning of Elaborate Backyard Transformations
The Washington Post
“‘We incorporated the pool into the yard as a garden element, like the terrace and plantings,’ said landscape architect Sheila Brady of D.C.-based Oehme van Sweden and Associates, who designed the two-level outdoor room and water features in consultation with Alpine Pool.”

$147 Million Hamptons Home, America’s Most Expensive Home, Once Sold For $120
“But before the home can be altered significantly, Browne, 62, dies of a heart attack in 2009, leaving the property to his partner, landscape architect Andrew S. Gordon.”

New York Botanical Garden Going Beyond the Botany
The Wall Street Journal
“In 1899, Beatrix Farrand became the sole female founder of the American Society of Landscape Architects. More than a century later, women make up only about a third of members, while even fewer own their own firms.”

Sandy Weill’s Escape in Wine Country
“There’s also a walled garden overflowing with old-fashioned roses, courtesy of the landscape architect Mai K. Arbegast, who devised the verdant grounds for the property’s previous owners.”

Minnesota Develops New Option for Property Owners, Municipalities, and Others to Save Thousands of Dollars by Installing Trees for Stormwater Management
Water Online
“‘To our knowledge, Minnesota is one of the first states, if not the first, to add a chapter on trees to its manual, as well as add analysis on the stormwater benefits of tree and soil systems,’ said Nathalie Shanstrom, a landscape architect with the Kestrel Design Group who led the efforts to develop the credit system.”

Do Children’s Backyard Play Areas Turn Off Buyers?
The New York Times
“Ive Haugeland, the owner of Shades of Green Landscape Architecture in Sausalito, Calif., said people’s reactions to outdoor play equipment depend on ‘what it is, where it is, and how much space there is.’”

7 Supermodel Homes and Why Creatives Rent Them
“What you can learn from it: ‘Formal gardens can be intimate or grand—but they always make statements,’ says Osborn. ‘The owner is a celebrated landscape architect. Here, in New Jersey, she’s lovingly re-created European gardens.’”

Outdoor Design: Breaths of Fresh Air
The Washington Post
“‘We definitely go for things that are going to stand the test of time, and sometimes those things are expensive,’ Washington landscape architect Leslie Gignoux says.”

3 Brazilian Homes that Score with Modern Style and Fun
“Our first house takes us to Brasília, Brazil’s capital, in the country’s central western region. The city was planned and developed from scratch by Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in 1956 along with landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, before becoming the country’s capital in 1960.”

6 Landscape Architects Named ASLA Fellows
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
“They are among 32 members nationally who were elevated to fellows, which is one of the highest honors for ASLA members.”

Design Sought for Rails to Trails
The Buffalo News (NY)
“Village Board members authorized Mayor William Krebs to ask Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect to begin the design and seek a grant Monday night.”

Three PAFA Alumni Selected as Finalists to Design 22d and Market Memorial
Philadelphia Inquirer
“The final design, [Brigham] added, will evolve from a collaborative process that will involve not only the artist, but also other professionals, including a landscape architect, lighting designer, and urban planner.”

Making a Garden of that No-man's-land Between Sidewalk and Street
Huffington Post Canada
“‘Go with perennials rather than annuals,’ said Fred Rozumalski, a landscape architect with Barr Engineering Co. in Minneapolis. ‘Then the soil is only worked once and it’s more secure,’ he said.”

Gardens at Versailles to Get Revamped for the First Time in Centuries
Fast Company
“In the 1990s, the grove was so thoroughly damaged that it has been in disuse ever since and has mostly served as storage. This being no fate for the favorite garden of Louis XIV, the French government decided in 2011 to hold a contest to remodel the Water Theater grove; Louis Benech, a well-known French landscape architect, won it.”

Green Space So Exclusive It's Off Limits Even to Residents
The New York Times
“‘It really is a garden in the most traditional sense,’ which is a simulation of nature, said Denise Hoffman-Brandt, director of the landscape architecture program at City College. ‘It’s all about the artifice.’”

Urban by Nature
“The Dutch landscape architect’s [Dirk Sijmons] project rests on the notion that the future of cities lies not in density but in the rediscovery of natural space.”

Six Things No One Tells You About Being Self-Employed
Business & Finance - Yahoo Voices
“It does not matter what industry you are involved in. You can be a self-employed writer, filmmaker, wedding planner, operations consultant, landscape architect, etc. It doesn’t matter.”

Downtown Minneapolis Retail Evolves as Residents Move in
Star Tribune

“McLay said another key cog to attracting new retailers and restaurants is the planned $50 million overhaul of the mall itself by famed landscape architect James Corner. The plan calls for a pedestrian-friendly, 'woodsy' landscape for the aging thoroughfare.”

A New Era for the Evolving Lincoln Road
Miami Herald
“Its first project was to hire landscape architect Raymond Jungles to design a landscaping plan, which the city implemented earlier this year, adding mature trees and low plantings to create more visibility from one side of the street to the other, Gombinski said.”

Chatham Dropping Graduate Program Because of Dwindling Enrollment
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
“Chatham University officials elected to discontinue their master of landscape architecture program after years of declining enrollment, culminating in only one new admission for fall.”

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