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Fellows Endowment HeaderBob Steenhagen

The Fellows Endowment Fund is the recipient of a bequest from the estate of Robert L. Steenhagen, an Emeritus Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, who passed away on February 5, 2013. Bob, a member of ASLA for almost 50 years, maintained a commitment to quality planning and design throughout his long career at the National Park Service.

Following service in the South Pacific during World War II for which he received a Purple Heart, Bob graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture. He joined the Southeast Regional Office of the National Park Service (NPS) in 1950 and shortly after met and married his wife Doris in 1952. His career of over thirty years included such notable and highly visible projects as Mission ’66, the Bicentennial program, and developments associated with Jamestown’s 250th anniversary—the Colonial Parkway and Yorktown Battlefield. He had the key role in planning numerous significant areas, including Biscayne National Monument, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Ozark National Scenic Riverway, and others. Steenhagen also had a leadership role in innovative ecological studies of the Adirondacks, Suwannee River, Everglades, and Fatchahatchee Swamp. In addition to establishing a career development program for professional employees, he worked on planning, design and construction for the NPS throughout the country, ending his career as Associate Manager at the Denver Service Center of the NPS in 1980. Among other honors, Bob received the Meritorious Service Award from the National Park Service in 1971.

Bob was a man of character, an optimist, a patriot, and a great believer in the value of service. His family knew how important his profession and the Council of Fellows was to Bob and felt that giving to the Fellows Endowment Fund in support of scholarships for landscape architecture students would be a fitting way to commemorate his dedication and professionalism.

Pledge Roll

Names are posted when pledges are complete.

Hunter Beckham, FASLA Robert Bristol, FASLA Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
Dale Jaeger, FASLA NUVIS Patricia O'Donnell, FASLA
Reuben Rainey, FASLA Robert Ryan, FASLA  
Darwina Neal, FASLA Vaughn Rinner, FASLA Robert Ryan, FASLA
Christine Patillo, FASLA    
Billy Almond, FASLA Jim Hagstrom, FASLA Patricia M. O’Donnell, FASLA
J. Brooks Breeden Jr, FASLA Christine Hilt, FASLA Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
Jim Donovan, FASLA Mary Ann Lasch, FASLA Elizabeth Thomas, FASLA
Barry Frankenfield, FASLA Carol Macht, FASLA  
 Billy Almond, FASLA  Barry Frankenfield, FASLA  David Milligan, FASLA
 William Lee Behnke, FASLA  Charlotte Frieze, FASLA  Patricia M. O’Donnell, FASLA 
 Claire Bennett, FASLA  Christine Hilt, FASLA  James Penrod, FASLA
 Ken Brooks, FASLA  M. Elise Huggins, FASLA  John Roberts, FASLA
 Dennis Bryers, FASLA  Marsha Lea, FASLA  Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
 George Dark, FASLA  Carol Macht, FASLA  Elizabeth Thomas, FASLA
 Harry Dodson, FASLA  Jana McKenzie, FASLA  William Winslow, FASLA
Jim Donovan, FASLA    
 Billy Almond, FASLA  Jim Donovan, FASLA  Carol Macht, FASLA
 John Bentley, FASLA  William Eubanks, FASLA  Jana McKenzie, FASLA
 Norman Booth, FASLA  Barry Frankenfield, FASLA  Hitesh Mehta, FASLA
 Ken Brooks, FASLA  Charlotte Frieze, FASLA  Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
 Dennis Bryers, FASLA  Michael Hamm, FASLA  Marion Pressley, FASLA
 Patrick W. Caughey, FASLA  Douglas Hays, FASLA  Gary Scott, FASLA
 Susan Cohen, FASLA  Dale Jaeger, FASLA  Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
 George Dark, FASLA  Gary B. Kesler, FASLA  J. Daniel Wojcik, FASLA
 Harry Dodson, FASLA  Mary Ann Lasch, FASLA  
 Dennis J. Day, FASLA  Charles A. Flink II, FASLA  James F. Ritzer, FASLA
 Angela D. Dye, FASLA  Jana McKenzie, FASLA  
 J. Barry Frankenfield, FASLA  Darwina L. Neal, FASLA  
 William Dwayne Adams Jr, FASLA  Dennis J. Day, FASLA  Debra L. Mitchell, FASLA
 Henry Arnold, FASLA  Bruce Dees, FASLA  Darwina L. Neal, FASLA
 Sadik C. Artunc, FASLA  Harry L. Dodson, FASLA  Pearse O’Doherty, FASLA
 William Lee Behnke, FASLA  Angela D. Dye, FASLA  Peter J. Olin, FASLA
 Claire Bennett, FASLA  William T. Eubanks III, FASLA  Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
 John A. Bentley, FASLA  Charles A. Flink II, FASLA  John G. Parsons, FASLA
 Karl Von Bieberstein, FASLA  Charlotte Frieze, FASLA  Elliot Rhodeside, FASLA
 Norman K. Booth, FASLA  Kathleen A. Garcia, FASLA  James F. Ritzer, FASLA
 George Briggs, FASLA  Doug Hoerr, FASLA  Gary D. Scott, FASLA
 Judy Byrd Brittenum, FASLA  Dennis L. Law, FASLA  James R. Urban, FASLA
 Kenneth R. Brooks, FASLA  Donald W. Leslie, FASLA  Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA
 Craig Cawrse, FASLA  Carol Mayer-Reed, FASLA  Lee Weintraub, FASLA
 Doug Coolman, FASLA  Brian McCarter, FASLA  J. Daniel Wojcik, FASLA
 George W. Curry, FASLA  Gary Meisner, FASLA  
 Bernard L. Dahl, FASLA  Ann Milovsoroff, FASLA  
 Jerry L. Adamson, FASLA   Charlotte M. Frieze, FASLA  Debra L. Mitchell, FASLA
 Charles Anderson, FASLA   Kathleen A. Garcia, FASLA  Paul F. Morris, FASLA
 Claire R. Bennett, FASLA  George Gentile, FASLA  Baker Morrow, FASLA
 Karl Von Bieberstein, FASLA  Karen C. Hanna, FASLA  Jonathan Mueller, FASLA
 Kerry Blind, FASLA  Faye Harwell, FASLA  Darwina L. Neal, FASLA
 Norman K. Booth, FASLA  William Havens, FASLA  Pearse O’Doherty, FASLA
 George Briggs, FASLA  Douglas Hoerr, FASLA  Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
 Judy Byrd Brittenum, FASLA  Perry Howard, FASLA  Michael Painter, FASLA
 Kenneth R. Brooks, FASLA  Ilze Jones, FASLA  John G. Parsons, FASLA
 Gary A. Brown, FASLA  David Kamp, FASLA  F. Truitt Rabun, FASLA
 James Burnett, FASLA  Gary E. Karner, FASLA  Elliot Rhodeside, FASLA
 Pamela Burton, FASLA  Barrett Kays, FASLA  Mark W. Rios, FASLA
 Jeffrey K. Carbo, FASLA  Gary B. Kesler, FASLA  James F. Ritzer, FASLA
 Craig E. Cawrse, FASLA  Mary Ann Lasch, FASLA  Jon Rodiek, FASLA
 Gordon W. Chappell, FASLA  Dennis L. Law, FASLA  Glen Schmidt, FASLA
 Andrea Cochran, FASLA  Lloyd Lindley II, FASLA  Amy L. Schneckenburger, FASLA
 George W. Curry, FASLA  David E. Locke, FASLA  Gary D. Scott, FASLA
 Bernard L. Dahl, FASLA  Cameron R.J. Man, FASLA  Juanita D. Shearer-Swink, FASLA
 Bruce Dees, FASLA  Carol Mayer-Reed, FASLA  Frederick R. Steiner, FASLA
 Burton DeMarche, FASLA  Brian McCarter, FASLA  Edward D. Stone, FASLA
 Angela D. Dye, FASLA  Mark E. McFarland, FASLA  Robert B. Tilson, FASLA
 Katherine Emery, FASLA  Lee R. McLaren Sr, FASLA  James R. Urban, FASLA
 Dick Erickson, FASLA  Lauren L. Melendrez, FASLA  Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA
 Donald Ferlow, FASLA  Elizabeth K. Meyer, FASLA  Lee Weintraub, FASLA
 Charles A. Flink II, FASLA  Richard J. Meyers, FASLA  Lynn Wolff, FASLA
 George E. Fogg, FASLA  Patrick A. Miller, FASLA  
 Rene J. L. Fransen, FASLA  Ann Milovsoroff, FASLA  
 William Dwayne Adams Jr., FASLA  Thomas R. Dunbar, FASLA  Debra L. Mitchell, FASLA
 Charles Anderson, FASLA  William T. Eubanks III, FASLA  Darwina L. Neal, FASLA
 William J. Anglin Jr., FASLA  Bonnie Fisher, FASLA  Pearse O’Doherty, FASLA
 Henry Arnold, FASLA  Charles A. Flink II, FASLA  Peter J. Olin, FASLA
 Alton A. Barnes, FASLA  George E. Fogg, FASLA  Edward J. Olinger, FASLA 
 William Lee Behnke, FASLA  Kathleen M. Fox, FASLA  John G. Parsons, FASLA
 Karl Von Bieberstein, FASLA  Harry Fuller, ASLA  Peter Pollack, FASLA
 Margaret Booth, FASLA  Susan M. Hatchell, FASLA  Rae Price, FASLA
 Theodore Brickman, FASLA  William Havens, FASLA  Helen Quackenbush, FASLA
 George Briggs, FASLA  M. Elise Huggins, FASLA  F. Truitt Rabun, FASLA
 Don H. Brigham Jr., FASLA  Mary V. Hughes, FASLA  John J. Reynolds, FASLA
 Kenneth R. Brooks, FASLA  Peter Jacobs, FASLA  Mark Rios, FASLA
 Gary A. Brown, FASLA  Leerie Jenkins, FASLA  James F. Ritzer, FASLA
 Pamela Burton, FASLA  Ilze Jones, FASLA  Elliot Rhodeside, FASLA
 Jeffrey K. Carbo, FASLA  David Kamp, FASLA  Glen Schmidt, FASLA
 Craig E. Cawrse, FASLA   Mary Ann Lasch, FASLA  Amy L. Schneckenburger, FASLA
 Alan Clarke, FASLA,  Dennis L. Law, FASLA   Burton Sperber, FASLA
 Don Collins, FASLA  Catherine Mahan, FASLA  Edward D. Stone, FASLA
 Glenn Cook, FASLA  Cameron R.J. Man, FASLA  Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
 Charles D. Coolman, FASLA   Carol Mayer-Reed, FASLA  Austin Tao, FASLA
 Roger Courtenay, FASLA  Brian McCarter, FASLA   Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA 
 George W. Curry, FASLA  Lee R. McLaren Sr., FASLA  Bill Vitek, FASLA
 Bernard L. Dahl, FASLA  Lauren L. Melendrez, FASLA  Larry Walling, FASLA
 Bruce Dees, FASLA  Patrick A. Miller, FASLA  Robert A. Weygand, FASLA
 Brian J. Dougherty, FASLA  Ann Milovsoroff, FASLA  Daniel Wojcik, FASLA
 Jerry L. Adamson, FASLA  Susan Goltsman, FASLA  Paul F. Morris, FASLA
 Henry Arnold, FASLA  Jay Graham, FASLA  Darwina L. Neal, FASLA
 Sadik Artunc, FASLA  Leonard Grassli, FASLA  John A. Nelson, FASLA
 Ted Baker, FASLA  Jim Gray, FASLA  John H. Nicolaus, FASLA
 William Baker, FASLA  Bradford Greene, FASLA  Patricia O’Donnell, FASLA and Jim Donovan, FASLA
 Alton A. Barnes, FASLA  Frederick E. Halback, FASLA  Peter J. Olin, FASLA
 Claire R. Bennett, FASLA  Craig Halvorson, FASLA  Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
 Kerry Blind, FASLA  Karen C. Hanna, FASLA  Osmundson Family
 Norman K. Booth, FASLA  Charles Harris, FASLA  Michael Painter, FASLA
 Scott Bradley, FASLA  Susan M. Hatchell, FASLA  Peter Pollack, FASLA
 Don H. Brigham Jr., FASLA  Gary Hilderbrand, FASLA  Karen A. Phillips, FASLA
 Don Brinkerhoff, FASLA  Doug Hoerr, FASLA  Marion Pressley, FASLA
 J. Brooks Breeden, FASLA  Perry Howard, FASLA  Helen Quackenbush, FASLA
 Gary A. Brown, FASLA  Mary V. Hughes, FASLA  Robert Reich, FASLA
 James Burnett, FASLA  Dale G.M. Jaeger, FASLA  John J. Reynolds, FASLA
 William Burton, FASLA  Peter Jacobs, FASLA  John Ribes, FASLA
 Judy Byrd Brittenum, FASLA  Ilze Jones, FASLA  James F. Ritzer, FASLA
 Jeffrey K. Carbo, FASLA  Raymond Jungles, FASLA  Stephanie Rolley, FASLA
 Robert Cardoza, FASLA   Gary E. Karner, FASLA  Virginia L. Russell, FASLA
 Bryan Carlson, FASLA   Ken Kay, FASLA  Terry W. Ryan, FASLA
 Gordon Chappell, FASLA  Gary B. Kesler, FASLA  Amy L. Schneckenburger, FASLA
 Frank Clements, FASLA  William B. Kuhl, FASLA  Juanita Shearer-Swink, FASLA
 Sandra Clinton, FASLA  Joseph J. Lalli, FASLA  Dick Stauffer, FASLA
 Rick Conant, FASLA  Mary Ann Lasch, FASLA  Frederick R. Steiner, FASLA
 Sheila Condon, FASLA  Jack Leaman, FASLA  Stephen Stimson, FASLA
 Charles D. Coolman, FASLA  Don Leary, FASLA  Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
 George Curry, FASLA   Jack Leiber, FASLA  Austin Tao, FASLA
 John Cutler, FASLA  Lloyd Lindley, FASLA  Christine Ten Eyck, FASLA
 Bernard L. Dahl, FASLA  David E. Locke, FASLA  Rob Tilson, FASLA
 Roy DeBoer, FASLA  Nimrod Long, FASLA  Donald Tompkins, FASLA
 Burton DeMarche, FASLA  Cameron R.J. Man, FASLA  Stephen Trudnak, FASLA
 Thomas Dunbar, FASLA  Carol Mayer-Reed, FASLA   Suzanne L. Turner, FASLA
 Katherine Emery, FASLA  Vincent McDermott, FASLA  Don Vaughn, FASLA
 Vicki Estrada, FASLA  Mark E. McFarland, FASLA  Larry Walling, FASLA
 L. Susan Everett, FASLA  Dennis McGlade, FASLA  Lee Weintraub, FASLA
 Julius G. Fabos, FASLA  Lauren L. Melendrez, FASLA  Carol A. Whipple, FASLA
 Charles A. Flink II, FASLA  Gary Meisner, FASLA  Larry Wilson, FASLA
 Bill Flournoy, FASLA  Elizabeth K. Meyer, FASLA  J. Daniel Wojcik, FASLA
 Kathleen M. Fox, FASLA  Richard Meyers, FASLA  Perry L. Wood, FASLA
 Rene Fransen, FASLA   Patrick A. Miller, FASLA  
 George Gentile, FASLA   Patrick C. Moore, FASLA  
 Calvin Abe, FASLA  Bill Flournoy, FASLA  Patricia M. O’Donnell, FASLA and Jim Donovan, FASLA
 Jerry Adamson, FASLA  George E. Fogg, FASLA  Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
 Russell, Adsit, FASLA  Donald Fox, FASLA  Dennis Otsuji, FASLA
 Domenico Annese, FASLA  Kathleen M. Fox, FASLA  Joe Porter, FASLA
 Sadik C. Artunc, FASLA  Kathleen Garcia, FASLA  Marion Pressley, FASLA
 Claire R. Bennett, FASLA  Ellin Goetz, FASLA  Rae Price, FASLA
 Norman K. Booth, FASLA  Bradford Greene, FASLA  Elliot Rhodeside, FASLA
 J. Brooks Breeden, FASLA  Karen C. Hanna, FASLA  Jon Rodiek, FASLA
 Mike Breedlove, FASLA  Arthur Hills, FASLA  Terry W. Ryan, FASLA
 Don H. Brigham Jr., FASLA  Joseph Hudak, FASLA  Jerrold Soesbe, FASLA
 James Burnett, FASLA  Peter Jacobs, FASLA  Burton Sperber, FASLA
 Robert Callans, FASLA  Susan L. Jacobson, FASLA  Frederick R. Steiner, FASLA
 Bryan Carlson, FASLA  Dale G.M. Jaeger, FASLA  Stephen Stimson, FASLA
 Dennis Carmichael, FASLA  Steven King, FASLA  Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
 Doug Coolman, FASLA  John Laatsch, FASLA  Suzanne L. Turner, FASLA
 John Cutler, FASLA  David E. Locke, FASLA  Mark Von Wodtke, FASLA
 Roy DeBoer, FASLA  Eric Lyons, FASLA  J. Daniel Wojcik, FASLA
 Thomas R. Dunbar, FASLA  Cameron R.J. Man, FASLA  Perry Wood, FASLA
 Katherine Emery, FASLA  Steve Martino, FASLA  Joan Woodward, FASLA
 L. Susan Everett, FASLA  Gary Meisner, FASLA  
 Barbara Faga, FASLA  Baker Morrow, FASLA  
 Molly Feltham Adams, FASLA  Darwina L. Neal, FASLA  
 Jay Fernholz, FASLA  Neil Odenwald, FASLA  
 Jerry Adamson, FASLA  Donald Fox, FASLA  Mel Stout, FASLA
 Gary Brown, FASLA  Kathleen A. Garcia, FASLA  Rosheen Styczinksi, FASLA
 Robert Cardoza, FASLA  Mary Hughes, FASLA  Stephen Trudnak, FASLA
 Patrick W. Caughey, FASLA  Dale G.M. Jaeger, FASLA  Larry Walling, FASLA
 Joe Crystal, FASLA  Dennis Y. Otsuji, FASLA  Kent Watson, FASLA
 F. Christopher Dimond, FASLA  Dave Racker, FASLA  James K. Wheat, FASLA
 Thomas Dunbar, FASLA  William Roberts, FASLA  Perry Wood, FASLA
 Julius Fabos, FASLA  Patrick Shea, FASLA  
 Jay Fernholz, FASLA  Amy Schneckenburger, FASLA