Field Sessions

Field sessions begin with a classroom presentation and are followed by a field experience. All field sessions will begin promptly at the indicated time and depart from Lakeside Center at McCormick Place. All ticket sales are final and events take place rain or shine. Participation in each field session is limited, so register early to reserve your ticket. In order to keep ticket costs low, lunches have been eliminated from some field sessions, unless specifically noted. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch or snacks along on field sessions where no lunch will be provided. Bottled water will be provided on all tours.

Friday, September 18

A Hands-On Approach to Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Landscapes
7:30 am–4:30 pm 
7.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW

Spend the day at an Illinois nature preserve for hands-on demonstrations on how your plans and specifications are implemented. Learn how field feedback will help you create award-winning projects. Create and manage successful, functional, and beautiful natural landscapes with an emphasis on using effective specifications to produce breathtaking three-dimensional results. 

Learning objectives:

  • Increase understanding of Midwest natural history and historical landscape with a focus on prairie, woodland, and savanna areas, and view examples of intact remnant native communities 
  • Participate in hands-on experience of various sustainable landscape and restoration methods/activities, including seeding, invasive species control (brush removal and herbicide application), supplemental planting, and field mowing 
  • Understand how to effectively design and specify a restoration or native plant-landscaping project. 

Featured Speakers: Clayton Wooldridge, Tallgrass Restoration, LLC; Jack Pizzo, ASLA, Pizzo and Associates, Ltd. 

$120 per person; Includes transportation, box lunch, and bottled water.  Please dress for working conditions.

FS02 - Sold Out

The Greening of Chicago: Sustainable Practices
8:00 am–4:00 pm
6 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, AICP, FL

View Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's vision of making Chicago the greenest city in the world through the eyes of the people making it happen.  Tour Green Alley sites, the Chicago Center for Green Technology, Maxwell Street Market, and Stearns Quarry, just four of the many exciting projects that demonstrate Chicago's sustainable practices in action.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the plans that the City of Chicago adopted to become an environmentally friendly city
  • Understand the involvement of governmental agencies in the implementation of sustainable practices  
  • Explore how the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Department of Environment worked to reconstitute an old quarry and landfill into an urban park with an elaborately engineered water management system.

Featured Speakers: Michael Berkshire, Chicago Department of Land Use and Zoning; Janet Attarian, AIA, City of Chicago, Streetscape and Sustainable Design Program

$120 per person; Includes transportation, box lunch, and bottled water.

Lake Michigan Ravine, Bluff, and Beach Stabilization
and Restoration

8:00 am–4:00 pm
6.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, FL

The Lake Michigan shoreline provides a unique topographic, hydrologic, and vegetative ecosystem. Learn about the geological history of the area and examine the problems that confront public- and private-property owners along the shoreline. Examine creative solutions to these problems and also tour parks, ravines, and residences that overlook the lake.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the significance of Lake Michigan ravine ecosystem, and see how private owners and public agencies can form partnerships for restoration and ongoing management
  • Examine the techniques for the stabilization and maintenance of bluffs and steep slopes, including using plants, soils, natural materials, drainage, and structures 
  • Review practices on reestablishing and protecting beachfronts, including creative solutions that landscape architects, engineers, and architects have used in public parks and lakefront estates. 

Featured Speakers: Charles W. Shabica, Shabica & Associates, Inc.; Michael J. Chrzastowski, Illinois State Geological Survey 

$120 per person; Includes transportation, box lunch, and water.


Reclamation and Conservation Landscapes: Independence Grove and Prairie Crossing
9:00 am–4:00 pm 
6 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, AICP

Designers transformed Independence Grove from a gravel quarry into a much-needed open space and recreation destination, complete with a large lake surrounded by a native prairie and woodlands. The second site, Prairie Crossing, is a critically acclaimed conservation community demonstrating responsible development, preserving open land, and easy reachable by rail. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the unique challenges of quarry reclamation, that is, transforming an abandoned quarry into an environmental and recreational asset 
  • Learn about Independent Grove, one of the earliest and most critically acclaimed conservation community developments in the Midwest, including the project’s design objectives and operational challenges associated with this project  
  • Understand how agrarian, urban, and community development concerns are integrated into the Prairie Crossing, which is guided by 10 principles for sustainable multiuse development.

Featured Speakers: Jason B. Ney, ASLA, Rockford Park District; Jeffrey Jon Sloot, ASLA, Lake County Forest Preserve District; Mike Sands, Prairie Crossing    
$120 per person; Includes transportation, box lunch, and bottled water.


Rehabilitation in the Garden:  A Tool to Achieve Functional Therapeutic Outcomes
9:00 am–4:00 pm
4 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, FL

Explore how a therapist works and which specific garden elements support clinical applications and affect intended therapeutic outcomes. Participants will tour gardens at Montgomery Place, a continuing-care retirement community, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, and the Levy Center’s Hulda B. and Maurice L. Rothschild Enabling Garden.  

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how gardens promote clinical programming applications for functional therapeutic outcomes in a variety of settings, including senior living communities, rehabilitation units, and acute-care facilities
  • Learn the benefits of garden rehabilitation programming and understand programming design for all four seasons 
  • Compare and contrast the work of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, social workers, and other caregivers in the garden.

Featured Speaker: Teresia Hazen, Legacy Health System; Brian Slovacek, Hitchcock Design Group 

$120 per person; Includes transportation, box lunch, and bottled water.


The Secret Life of Trees: Toward Tree-Sensitive Design
and Development

9:00 am–2:00 pm
4.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, FL

Journey from nursery selection, through the latest planting specifications, to design and cutting-edge measures for protecting trees. Uncover and study tree root systems in hands-on field investigations and learn how design and construction can improve tree health—all in Chicago's scenic Grant Park.  See demonstrations of large tree-moving and supersonic air tool use.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to identify quality nursery trees and understand updated planting details and sections  
  • Explore the latest design-phase protection measures for existing trees and state-of-the-art practices and technologies for tree-sensitive construction.
  • Understand tree pit design in an urban context.  

Featured Speakers: Gary W. Watson, The Morton Arboretum; James R. Urban, FASLA, Urban Trees + Soils; Chris A. Cowles, Affiliate ASLA, The Care of Trees

$90 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.  Field attire is recommended. 

Urban Heat Island: Hot Town, Summer in the City
9:00 am–1:30 pm
3.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, AICP, FL

The City of Chicago is working to improve human health and comfort through increased tree vegetation in critical parts of the city through its "Green Streets Initiatives." This program is designed to integrate green infrastructure into the retooling of street design. Examine measures to mitigate greenhouse gas-contributing emissions and improve center-city air quality.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and analyze the influence of landscape design on the creation of urban microclimates as mitigation strategies against urban heating
  • Understand how plants grow in and interact with the urban environment 
  • Learn how landscape design for different geoclimate regions of the U.S. can mitigate the detrimental effects on urban heating. 

Featured Speakers: Chris Martin, Arizona State University; Nancy S. McLean, ASLA, The Corporation of Delta; Sandra James, International ASLA, City of Vancouver, B.C.

$90 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.


The History, Design, and Development of Millennium Park
9:30 am–2:30 pm
4.25 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, AICP, FL

Millennium Park demonstrates how landscape design can transform degraded urban blocks into environmentally sustainable destinations. Tour this new jewel of Chicago with the people who were involved with its development. Explore the park’s history; selection of artists, architects, and landscape architects; the construction process; and maintenance strategies.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the history of Grant Park (“The Front Yard of Chicago”) and the Millennium Park site
  • Learn about the process and the issues involved in the development of a 26-acre green roof
  • Understand the issues related to design of the soil medium and subsurface drainage for this unique green-roof facility.

Featured Speakers: Ed Uhlir, FAIA, Millennium Park, Inc.; Pat Kelsey, Wills, Burke, Kelsey; Theresa Guen-Murray, ASLA, Terry Guen Design Associates, Inc. 

$100 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.


The Campus Landscape: Transformation and Preservation
10:30 am–3:30 pm
4 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, AICP, FL

Explore the processes and realities of transforming and revitalizing campus landscapes, one of the most established and encompassing segments of the profession.  Visit the famous modern campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and the Olmsted Brothers’ beautifully designed campus at the University of Chicago.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore current trends, issues, and opportunities associated with campus planning and design 
  • Understand the vital role that landscape architects play in the transformation and revitalization of campus landscapes 
  • Learn about the process of transforming a campus from the master-plan phase, through design and construction, and into the period of long-term maintenance. 

Featured Speakers: Mark Hough, ASLA, Duke University; Peter Lindsay Schaudt, FASLA, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects; Kevin Harrington, Illinois Institute of Technology 

$90 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.


Chicago Cultural Landscape and Neighborhood Development
11:00 am–4:00 pm
4 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, AICP, FL

Experience Chicago’s authentic ethnic neighborhoods and learn how the cultural background of residents can be reflected through the design of public spaces. The session will help designers gain familiarity with the spatial needs of these historic communities. It will also test the effectiveness of tools used by designers and the city to enhance the communities’ cultural flavor. 

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how the cultural aspects of an individual neighborhood can be incorporated in the design of public spaces 
  • Test the effectiveness of design tools applied to creation of diverse cultural landscapes 
  • Explore the use of symbolism and analogy in public spaces. 

Featured Speakers: José Luis Magán, ASLA, Linden Group, Inc.; Ernest C. Wong, ASLA, Site Design Group, Ltd. 

$90 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.


Devil in the White City: The 1893 Columbian Exposition
11:00 am–4:00 pm
4 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW

See the 1893 Columbian Exposition through the eyes of Frederick Law Olmsted and Daniel H. Burnham. Take a virtual tour of the exposition grounds and buildings to explore the Palace of Fine Arts (now the Museum of Science and Industry). Participants will then explore Jackson Park—home to both the exposition and an intriguing murder mystery—as it stands today.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the Burnham plan: Layout of the exposition, difficulties encountered and their solutions, and collaboration and coordination of different disciplines 
  • Explore the planning efforts of Frederick Law Olmsted: How he kept true to his ideas at a time when landscape architecture as a profession was very new
  • Understand the influences that the exposition has on landscape architecture, Chicago, and the world.

Featured Speakers: Barbara Geiger, Illinois Institute of Technology 

$100 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.

FS12 - Sold Out

Green Roof Construction and Maintenance Techniques
11:30 am–4:30 pm 
4 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW

Gain hands-on experience in creating and maintaining a green roof by touring many of the projects that established Chicago as the leader in green roof technology.  Potential sites to visit include: Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, Oak Park Public Library, Roosevelt Collection Mixed Use Development, Pepsico Chicago Food and Beverage Operations Headquarters, and Norcon, Inc. Corporate Headquarters. Learn about materials and how they are installed to achieve successful applications.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of green roof components, growth media, and plants
  • Learn the proper sequencing of green roof installation and coordination of the trades 
  • Understand long-term maintenance procedures. 

Featured Speakers: Michael J. Curry, ASLA, Midwest Trading; Charles W. Loughrey, ASLA, American Hydrotech; Grace Koehler, Midwest Groundcovers  

$100 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.


The Lurie Garden at Millennium Park: A Walking Tour with the Designers
1:30–4:30 pm
2.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, FL

Tour the Lurie Garden, winner of the 2008 ASLA Award of Excellence in General Design, with the designers who created it.  Discuss the design intent and planting plan as well as the challenges of building an urban botanical garden over structure. The five-acre garden in Millennium Park has become a celebrated destination for residents and tourists alike.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the design challenges inherent in building intensive green roofs on structure 
  • Learn about site-specific, conceptual landscape as exemplified by the Lurie Garden 
  • Understand the effort and factors that created a competition-winning design, including collaborating with a specialized plant designer. 

Featured Speakers: Shannon R. Nichol, ASLA, and David Nelson, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd.; Colleen Lockovitch, Millennium Park; Roy Diblik, Northwind Perennial Farm

$80 per person; Includes transportation and bottled water.

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July 9, 2009

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August 14, 2009


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